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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Evening/Morning all. This is just a heads up about the site in general, I think some more general reviews will take place this year to give people the general gist of what the site is doing and where it is heading.
[b]PotM's, PotD's and Screenshots[/b]
There is a new PotM up on the site, you can see it on the left hand side. I've been pondering whether to keep the feature going on the site and it's safe to say that exactly one year on since the first one went up it will still be a part of the site. While on the topic of Screenshots and Picture of the Days/Months. The Concept shot feature is going to be a full feature of the site since it has taken so well to the site. The only thing it lacks is more people to get involved in sending a few shots. Also a large clear out of PotDs still in the queue from 2007 will be under taken soon in one massive PotD Pack to be released on the site to drop the queue down significantly. Oh for those of you who are interested in taking the PotDs quite seriously and displaying your good work you can also show them in our forums here
[b]Modding Contests: Round 2 Just around the corner![/b]
Just after Christmas after the Legacy Files competitions were finished I released a news item about possible competitions to be placed in March. Well they will be going ahead sometime in late March, I think the site needs to pick up a bit before we launch them to get people involved. Check this out to see what ideas I have been tinkering with (second half of news item) - ideas for Round 2 - Modding Contests The modding contest section will in due course be cleaned up and new ones posted.. the table of winners will also be finished to honour those who won the first rounds back in November/Decemeber and will be expanded further to look the "business" ;)
[b]Mod Tutorials[/b]
I know they were promised some time ago to be made available as web pages on the site under a tutorial section but time is a commodity in short supply these days for myself and the rest of the lads which is why a new staff position is up for grabs. Anyway, back to the tutorial section, we will try to get this up and running sometime in April to help out the newer members of the community who wish to get involved in modding the game. A few mission, map, texturing, hopefully a modelling tutorial and a few scripting ones will be up here..alas that is not a full guarantee but we will try. If anyone wishes to submit content to the tutorials then email [email protected] Hopefully we can all work together to create some helpful tutorials for others to use.
[b]Last chance for new staff position[/b]
Yes, the current vacancy is still open and the offer to apply will still be open until Thursday 23:00 (GMT) so that may differ depending on your location. So if genuinely interested then follow this link
Other than that, I'd say thats about it. Comments and opinions are welcome :)
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