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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Recently some issues with PotDs and files have been mounting and this post aims to redress these issues by appealing to you, the community to take heed of this news item. [b]Issues with the File Upload System[/b] We have been having issues with the upload system from the user side recently. It is not technical issues rather abuse of the upload system. Just because you upload it does not mean you can abuse the system by throwing it into any category you wish. Categories are in place to make the file browsing experience the best it possibly can for all people who visit this site. However recent uploads have been placed in the wrong categories by users. This clogs up categories with incorrect type files and up until February 15th (when the upload system was put in place) the placing of files on Legacy Files was accurate. Now the Starship section is full of files that should be in the "Small addons / Scripting" Section. I will be spending some time this weekend flushing out these incorrectly placed mods and reorganizing them into their correct categories. This goes for all categories. I am asking you to respect the category system we have in place here, and to use it correctly. If you place more than 3 files in the wrong category from now on, it will be seen as deliberate and we will from then on only accept files from you through the old method of emailing them which as many of you know takes much longer for the file to be processed. Therefore in the interest of fairness please stick to the way the site is organized for everyone's sake. [b]Concept PotDs[/b] The Concept PotDs are still going strong but people are forgetting to place the "Concept -" infront of their title. Many newly uploaded ones do not have the "Concept -" placed in the start of the title of the PotD and to be perfectly honest it is difficult to sort them out from the ingame PotDs at times. Yes people make mistakes but once is an honest mistake, twice is forgetful and thrice is just not acceptible. If this continues, the concept PotDs will be dropped and all concept PotDs will be removed from the queue, so please remember to place the "Concept -" in the title (eg: Concept - my picture of the day). [b]Credits in Readmes[/b] This is the most worrying trend that has appeared, files have not been reviewed or posted over this and we will continue this policy until people remember credits/permissions in readmes are mandatory. No if's, buts or ands..It is simple While on the topic of readmes, the quality of readmes is beginning to drop again. People are not attaching correct readmes to their files. This is not good practice as it - [list] [list=1] [*]Doesn't give the full amount of information to the user who downloaded your work (installation instructions, etc) [*]Doesn't give other modders who may wish to use your work enough information. Such as contact info or permission info [/list][/list] From now on any files without a proper readme will be simply rejected. Below is a rough outline of what the readme should look like, please follow it to the best of your ability. Here is what you readme should look like, you should at least have these in the Readme (in no particular order) [list] [*]Title/Name of File [*]Credits [*]Installation Instructions [*]Information about the Mod (what it is) [*]Contact Information [*]Disclaimer [/list] Thanks for reading, if you have any issues or questions then you can email us or post below
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