STO on hold?

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Not sure if I should post this as it is only speculative but I guess since it is Star Trek we should look into it ____________________________________________________________ January 15th, 2008 - 05:47 - by AaronH After the Recent article on warcry and several inside sources' confirmation yesterday, the status of Star Trek: Online was left up in the air. While no official statements have been released by any parties involved, TrekMovie.com confirmed Crypic Studios were interviewing STO team members and there was also this post by zach21uk: Quote: They [cryptic studios] were asking alot of questions about hailing frequency, what we are, what we do, how long we have been around, how often we release shows, et cetera, and basically said they want to appear very soon. We were provided with direct contact information including phone numbers, extentions and e-mail addresses so that we can stay in contact and get something organised. ____________________________________________________________ Again, without confirmation or any solid evidence to back it up I say don't take this news as gospel, however I will scout around the net to see if there is any confirmation of this.

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