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Published by Amagosa987 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


It has been a busy few weeks but a lot of work is being put into TLG by a few of us who still have the time to mod. Rogue Angyl is working on getting his campaign to work properly and we should have a test of the first mission in a few days. I have been doing quite a bit of work on the UI with help from Tjoz. I have also been working on textures for ships so that they look better in game. As well as some new load screens with new load animations. Tjoz has been a great help with getting the map editor in TLG up and running much better now so that not only the team but players can make better maps easier. I will have some shots of the new particle explosions after they are tweaked some more. They are like the explosions in the unreleased version 2.4 of TEM.

Below are some screenshots of what has been cooking:

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