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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey all, Max sent in a new update about his TMP Pack!


Hi guys,

I bring you an update for the TMP Pack add-on of which two separate BETA releases have been made. The progress is going steady and ships are being pumped out, those of which will been shown here, also I will tell you a little about what’s to come,

The current ships in progress and that will be included in the 0.8 release are: Miranda Class Refit:

The Miranda class is completely re-hardpointed. I’ve also given it a new damage mesh and new high res registries. All phaser banks are now enabled on the ships especially the ones that were missing, mainly the bottom saucer ones.

Saratoga Class:

The Saratoga class if officially the Miranda class Refit - Saratoga variant but in-game it’s called Saratoga class to make sure no-one gets confused. The ship doesn’t have any torpedoes at all, but still has all phasers except on the roll-bar. It also has enhanced sensors. In the next release only the TMP version will be included, in the full version a TNG version will probably be included so you can reinact the WOLF 359 Mission.

Charger Class:

Not officially known as Charger class, this ship is only know as "Federation Destroyer" in Star trek Tactical Aassault, it is a squished together Constitution class so I had to make some changes to the model/texture to make it a true destroyer. I removed the aft and bottom phasers (the Tactical Assault version of the ship doesn’t have aft phasers) and I shifted the torpedo launchers, this also enabled a more realistic pylon attachment point.

Belknap Class:

The Belknap class command cruiser, is a more deadly armed but slower version of the constitution, sporting an enhanced engineering hull and more torpedo launchers, not much to say about this ship.

"Dreadnaught" Class:

This currently unnamed ship is a take on the dreadnaught from Star Trek Tactical Assault though some design liberties have been taken this ship will be able to kick some serious ass.

Screenshots/Renders are posted below!

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