Voice Actors Needed For TLG's Campaign (The LSS Project)

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Published by Amagosa987 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


The LSS Project has entered the next phase of its production. Working now as part of "The Legenday Generations" mod team, it is our aim to not just deliver new and exciting single player content, but to do so while telling a fresh story painstakingly constructed around the events of the Legacy stock campaign story and the canon events of the Star Trek series and movies. It is not enough to simple show the story, but the story must be told with our voices. Our story, "The Shadows of Vengence", spans from 2160 through 2379, with four captains and four starships focusing on the post-Enterprise era, the TOS/TMP era, the Lost Era(pre-TNG) and TNG era, and the Dominion War and TNG movie era, focusing on the relationship between Earth and Romulus from the Earth-Romulan war to the events that followed Star Trek: Nemesis.

More than just the voice acting for the captains is necessary though, this is why this call is so crucial. I plan on filling one of these rolls along with directing the voice acting, but there are still 20 rolls that need to be cast. Some of these are only a couple lines during a specific mission, others are much more intensive taking part in multiple missions within one or more of the acts. What counts is that none of these rolls is minor. There are no extras to walk in the background, no need for walk-ons to hand someone a prop, every character helps the greater story unfold in one way or another. For anyone interested in enacting a character of a specific race, given the focus of the story the majority of the characters are either Humans (or from Federation races at the very least) or Romulans. There are two smaller roles not of these two groups, one Yridian and one Klingon.

What is important in taking on one of these rolls is that you have fun when you are doing it. If you've never done anything like this, it's still fine to want to participate, actually I encourage you to participate! Some of the best amateur work I've seen comes from people who took a leap of faith and gave it a go when placed in a larger role. With a little patience and a little effort, a lot of great work can be drawn out. If you have done work in voice acting or live acting, I still encourage you to volunteer for this project. It never hurts to have the perspective of seasoning brought to the table, and I assure you that the ultimate goal is excellence in these recordings. I don't expect anyone to go out and buy a $200 dollar microphone, but it will be necessary to have a quiet place to record where you won't be disturbed and just as importantly where you won't be disturbing anyone else (because I may expect you to be loud when recording for effect).

I would like to think that regardless of anyone's affiliation with different mods, systems, attitudes, etc. we can work together on this. I willing to work with anyone else who is willing to work, and I do mean work, on this. If you are interested in this, first fill out the questions below and send it in to me via e-mail (rogueangyl@gmail.com) or a pm (either on this board or on The Official Bethesda/Star Trek Boards).

1) What background do you have with any type of acting, stage work, etc? (remember, not having extensive experience does not mean you can't be a part of this)

2) Tell me about how you would like to contribute (Are you interested in just recording a few lines, do you think you would make a good captain, any specific eras you are interested in, would you rather play one of the darker roles, etc?)

3) What is you preferred method of private communication? (e-mail address, pm, etc. Keep in mind you will need to send me the sound files in some way, so whatever is easier on your connection. I will not be releasing e-mail addresses to anyone without prior consent.)

After that, you will be getting a reply with further instructions, including samples to pre-record to help me better cast the different roles.

In addition to this, TLG still invites individuals to be part of the team as beta testers and modders for various projects for the next major release. Beta testers may also get a first shot at playing the new 22 campaign missions as well, which are in development at the current time. Check out these boards for more information.

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