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Which of the Delta quadrant ships featured in Voyager would you like to see added to Legacy?

Kazon raider and mothership 25.2% (100)
Krenim Timeship 22.2% (88)
Hirogen hunting vessels 22.2% (88)
Captain Proton's Rocket ship! 13.3% (53)
'Dreadnought' 12.1% (48)
Vidian vessels 4.7% (19)
Total: 396
Start: 05-31-2008 14:14
Last: 06-07-2008 10:31

 #1 - Posted by: acidfluxxbass (Member) on 05-31-2008 at 14:18

captains proton's rocket ship wins it by the length of the gamma quadrant!!

 #2 - Posted by: IKS_Yo_Mama (Staff) on 05-31-2008 at 14:28

The Timeship

 #3 - Posted by: michaelappleby2002 (Staff) on 05-31-2008 at 14:28

hehehe, I'm longing for the timeship - only chance to play it was in BC and couldn't use it very well there due to damage problems... :S - hopefully this poll will inspire someone to make one...although Proton's rocket ship would be very cool! - The rocket ship creator would have to add authentic sounds ;)

 #4 - Posted by: michaelappleby2002 (Staff) on 05-31-2008 at 14:32

...hold on...I've just validated a picture with the Timeship in it?! :O where is that download Acid!!!???

 #5 - Posted by: acidfluxxbass (Member) on 05-31-2008 at 15:45

lol i found mine in trek battles 2 :D under miscellaneous lol and it did kinda confuse me when there was a Timeship Option Ima Laughing right now :D

 #6 - Posted by: chrisluskey (Member) on 05-31-2008 at 16:13

Shadow and i modeled the timeship for Trek Battles 2 .It's funny cause we were just talking about that ship the other day and whether or not to do an updated version but i didn't think people had any intrest in that design.

 #7 - Posted by: michaelappleby2002 (Staff) on 06-01-2008 at 10:32

I'd also quite like to see the Krenim Warships (all featured!) :)

 #8 - Posted by: Amagosa987 (Staff) on 06-01-2008 at 14:10

Considering the Kazon raider is in tbII iirc and the timeship is too, im gona go for the Hirogen hunting vessels, gota have a decent vessel to "hunt your prey"

 #9 - Posted by: jwwb5_1701 (Member) on 06-02-2008 at 09:16

How about some Devore warships? They looked pretty cool. Right now however, my vote will go for the Hirogen.

 #10 - Posted by: homiemandude (Member) on 06-02-2008 at 17:06

all things considered, the dreadnought isn't a delta quadrant vessel. its a cardassian ship, but it would still be sick to make it :rock:

 #11 - What if - Posted by: Qonos (Member) on 06-02-2008 at 17:25

What if someone did the ship from that old anime show Battleship Yamato take the argo from that and other ships

 #12 - Srry - Posted by: Qonos (Member) on 06-02-2008 at 17:26

I know that was off topic

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