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Which of the following is your favoured Starship design from an aesthetical point of view?

Sovereign class 20.5% (129)
Intrepid class 16.5% (104)
Galaxy class 15.6% (98)
Constitution class 9.5% (60)
Prometheus class 7.9% (50)
Akira class 7.4% (47)
Excelsior class 7% (44)
Other (Please specify) 5.8% (37)
Excalibur class 4.4% (28)
Steamrunner class 1.9% (12)
Nebula class 1.5% (10)
Ambassador class 1.4% (9)
Total: 628
Start: 07-27-2008 10:50
Last: 08-02-2008 06:27

 #1 - Posted by: michaelappleby2002 (Staff) on 07-27-2008 at 10:55

As stated many times before, Galaxy class ftw! (although it is getting a bit common these days!)

 #2 - Posted by: Amagosa987 (Staff) on 07-27-2008 at 11:04

While i agree with u mike, the Galaxy will never get old! thats why i love it so much, it was so far ahead of its time in the 80's and its still way out there now!

 #3 - Posted by: TiberiousKirk (Member) on 07-27-2008 at 13:51

I love the Luna Class. Can't get much prettier.

 #4 - Posted by: acidfluxxbass (Member) on 07-27-2008 at 14:21

aesthetic: concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste; "the aesthetic faculties"; "an aesthetic person"; "aesthetic ... i pick the Rainaissance Class... its cannon because it was in Paramounts FASA ship guide and its generally a beutiful take on the Ambassador

 #5 - Posted by: dark_lord_jay (Member) on 07-27-2008 at 16:33

For me its the good ol' Conny refit, one of a few ships you could admire from all angles

 #6 - Posted by: witchunter180 (Member) on 07-27-2008 at 16:34

The Constitution class for me, I have a soft spot for antiques:beer:

 #7 - Posted by: Joninray (Member) on 07-27-2008 at 19:14

I love the Akira class as it is powerful and sleek and looks very stealthy!! Can be fitted so right, it can take on anything!!

 #8 - Posted by: Joninray (Member) on 07-27-2008 at 19:17

Of course...the constitution is always the BEST configuration to me, but my fav for playing the game is the Akira.:rock:

 #9 - Posted by: Lurking_Mastermind (Member) on 07-27-2008 at 19:19

For a canon vessel I'd have to go with the Prometheus. Non-canon, though, my favorite will always be the Courageous.

 #10 - Posted by: Dooley_001 (Member) on 07-28-2008 at 00:06

canon: Sovereign Kick some borg butt I also love the century class

 #11 - Posted by: enterprise94 (Member) on 07-28-2008 at 01:34

Both the Galaxy class and the Sovereign are :thumbsup::rock:

 #12 - Posted by: KrrKs (Member) on 07-28-2008 at 05:15

That was hard! I choosed the allmightiy Galaxy, but also the Nebula and Conni R have a realy nice shape, not to ferget the Akira.

 #13 - Posted by: jwwb5_1701 (Member) on 07-28-2008 at 07:00

I voted for the Sovereign for it's sleek lines. My second favorite would be the Defiant.

 #14 - Posted by: BFVHeartbreak1 (Member) on 07-28-2008 at 18:12

The Akira always appealed to me :D

 #15 - Posted by: USS_Voyager_ (Member) on 07-29-2008 at 05:42

Intrepid / Akira all the way

 #16 - Posted by: gdata (Staff) on 07-29-2008 at 07:10

I think the Sovereign is the best with its sleek design...Sovy :rock:s

 #17 - Posted by: TipTop (Member) on 07-30-2008 at 03:12

Sleek - yes , aesthetical - absolutely no. Excelsior - old but beautifull and still modern looking. Simple but great looking saucer , excelent connection between the saucer and hull , fantastic hull that looks very light and the state of the art nacelles. Did I told about magnificent impulse engines and cool looking "hidden" deflector? E X C E L S I O R

 #18 - Sovereign is trying but it's a bad design - Posted by: Saquist (Member) on 07-30-2008 at 19:47

the ship is Okay....but it has serious problems just visually. The bottom of the saucer doesn't gell well with the rest of the ship.. Excelsior is a beautiful design like the refit consitution. Both are perfect in every way.

 #19 - Akira all the way - Posted by: Qonos (Member) on 07-30-2008 at 23:47

The Akira is sleek and has a moderately sized saucer unlike the Galaxy and Nebula

 #20 - Posted by: AdmiralPicard (Member) on 07-31-2008 at 13:20

I seen a lot of beauty shots of most of these ships and I have to say the only ship that has made me go "WOW" was the Galaxy class, but I have three favorites: 1. Galaxy class:rock: 2. Constitution Refit 3. Prometheus class

 #21 - Posted by: NaruHina247 (Member) on 08-01-2008 at 17:25

I LOOOOOVE the Sovereign!! :rock: I remember watching FC in theaters and I immeditly fell in love with it. My second fav would be the Defiant, then the Galaxy, Excelsior, and the connie refit.

 #22 - Posted by: Hellraiser_NGMT (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 05:58

I like the Sovereign the best, before i saw it i liked the Intrepid.

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