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Modifications Monarch Class - Enterpise J (1.0)

This is a Mod for Star Trek Legacy. It adds the "Monarch Class Battleship - I.E. Enterprise J" into the Federation.


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Modifications Keys of Legacy Wallpaper

One of the best screenshots I've ever taken in Legacy, and using my Keys of Legacy mod, now in wallpaper format. It's suitable for 1280x1024...


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Modifications Star Trek Legacy - The Aftermath Stage 1

Here is the first release of Star Trek Legacy: The Aftermath, a hybrid mod unique in approach and creation.


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Modifications One-On-One Target Practice Maps FIX

As of the Borg Pack - there was an error in some of the One On One Target Practice Maps. This fixes that.


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Modifications Ultimate Universe v1.0 Full Mod

Here is the full version of the Ultimate Universe mod. This has been, and will continue to be, a wild ride.


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Modifications Legacy OEM+ v2.0 - Compressed File

An updated version of the Legacy OEM+ mod. It has all of the same features of the original release with bug fixes, improved balance, improv...


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Modifications UU New Sovereign (updated)

This is a small texture update for the Sovereign Class in the Ultimate Universe Mod. Done by Grunt, this includes some new textures for the...


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Modifications Aftermath Public Beta Patch

This is a patch to fix the major issues seen in German installs of Aftermath Public Beta. The language fix temporarily converts the German i...


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Modifications The Ultimate Universe Soundtrack - Volume 1

This is the first soundtrack suite for The Ultimate Universe, all the team at Chris Jones Gaming hope you enjoy it.


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Modifications Modified Legacy Mission Editor 1.004b

This is basically a Patch to the Bethesda Softworks Legacy Mission Editor. You must install their release then install this overtop of it fo...


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Modifications Aftermath 2.0 Screenshot Pack 1

Here is a 15 desktop wallpaper pack of various areas of development taken from the forthcoming Aftermath 2.0 release.


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Modifications Aftermath v1.7 German Patch

Here is the German patch for the 1.7 release. This fixes a major critical error in the release that caused crash for the German users. This...


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Modifications Muldrf's Modified Legacy Mission Editor v1.04c

This is the Muldrf's Legacy Mission Editor, an improved version of Bethesda's Editor.


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Modifications Aftermath Add-on Pack A (Fixed)

This is the first add-on for any Aftermath release. Add-on Pack A contains three new ships that may never be seen in future Aftermath releas...


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Modifications Soulwolf Class

Introducing one of the most unique and stylish ships ever to roam a space in a Star Trek game - The Soulwolf Class, brought to you by AcidFl...


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Modifications Damaged Soulwolf

Here we have the Battle-Torn Soulwolf. Exclusive to Team Exxperience visitor's, this ship combines great texturing and retexturing with the...


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Modifications The Ultimate Universe Soundtrack Volume 2

Mindwipe has finially completed the mixing work for the ingame music for the mod and has compiled Volume 2 of the suited musical score for a...


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Modifications The Aftermath Add-on Pack E

This is the first of two add-ons for February. Pack E contains 5 new ships and several ship fixes. The new ships contained in the pack are t...


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Modifications The Aftermath v2.0 - January 2009 Build

Here is our first recompile of Aftermath 2.0. This also contains the first four add-ons released for Aftermath (Add-on Packs A-D). As well a...


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Modifications The Ultimate Universe Mod v1.5 Mini Fix

Here is a mini fix for The Ultimate Universe Mod.


Compilation Mods Trek Battles Patch

Here we have the first patch for Trek Battles from the New Gen Mods Team. This will fix a number of problems with Trek Battles ranging from...


Compilation Mods Alliance

I'm not a big fan of either BSG or Stargate but let me tell you this... These vessels are Hot. This will install the Alliance Beta to...


Compilation Mods Trek Battles

The New Gen Mod Team presents Trek Battles! Yes it's finally here! If you haven't seen the news items or the PotD's pertaining to Tre...


Compilation Mods TMP Addon Pack Preview 2 (0.5 BETA)

And i'm back. I'm here with my second pack of TMP ships containing both yje 0.3 ships wich have been SLIGHTLY tweaked and 3 new sh...


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