Star Trek: Legacy
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Deathmatch Mission Script New Gen Mod Team 72KB 257
Fluidic Space Contest Entry SkeeterUK 3.3MB 234
2007 Map-Mission Contest: Winner Tjoz Gaming 412KB 419
8 player map 0mega 13KB 1180
Map - Sol System (DM) DareGore 181KB 4069
DS9 - 8 player Map TiberiusK 71KB 3460
"8 eyes in the Dark" Ryles 150KB 1110
GWar Archman 50KB 570
DM Map: 2 suns Dawnofwar4 183KB 420
GWar Map: 4 player Archman 300KB 588
Doomed Star System Map Scimitar2976 352KB 1284
DeathMatch Map - Open Space DareGore 35KB 1847
System 19 Larsh 1.13MB 614
Utara MEGA_MAX 16KB 658
System 21 Larsh 2MB 1169
XTS DeathMatch V1 Map TheXtreme 755KB 515
Darkness STaTiC(Legacy) 213KB 1205
TJP Planets Trevor Pilkington 183KB 345
TJP Planets 2 Trevor Pilkington 210KB 398
TJP Planets 3 Trevor Pilkington 147KB 395
"The Void" Deathmatch Maps MongooseLF 191KB 1314
Genesis Map llap 10.11MB 1232
Small Map Pack by nEw-Gen Mods New Gen Mod Team 1.63MB 550
Deep Space Dawnofwar4 374KB 248
Deep Space Dawnofwar4 106KB 884
6 player map: Terrokan Alexraptor 492KB 383
2007 Map-Mission Contest: Runners-up Members of the Community 1.81MB 336
TJP Pine Nebula Trevor Pilkington 181KB 137
Legacy Delta Colony Trevor Pilkington 503KB 240
TJP Cameron Trevor Pilkington 97KB 125
Borg Sun Map Zube1337 676KB 146
TJP Delta Wormhole Trevor Pilkington 584KB 136
TJP Mama Trevor Pilkington 419KB 89
TJP Unreal Trevor Pilkington 495KB 127
Yrrebodan New Gen Mod Team 0B 242
TJP Asteroids Trevor Pilkington 388KB 105
TJP Milo Trevor Pilkington 159KB 81
O'rgande System Zube1337 1.54MB 208
Dark Matter Nebula Zube1337 1.62MB 251
TJP Zebra System Trevor Pilkington 331KB 80
TJP Michael Trevor Pilkington 696KB 89
Borg Sun Map Zube1337 12KB 103
Dorenoes-D ayesu 2.36MB 253
Zenfar ayesu 1.66MB 298
Spinders Rift Tjoz Gaming 808KB 187
Nightmare map Zube1337 645KB 98
Trionus Sector New Gen Mod Team 3.47MB 268
Fluidic Space Contest Entry (acidfluxxbass) acidfluxxbass 3.69MB 97
Sianarame System Team Exxperience 629KB 197
Manga Complex Team Exxperience 5.28MB 140
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