Star Trek: Legacy

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Proxima upgrade Voyagerseven 585KB 78
User Interface Modification Chrissstrahl 514KB 765
No Intro Movies ColdDarkParanoia 9KB 529
Command Points Mod Pizi 18KB 1191
Section 31 Rebalance Mod Feirfek 29KB 172
Command Points & Round Time Mod nosferatu 14KB 811
Constituion Class Refit- upgrade Aflac 486KB 688
Limited HUD captainwalker 16KB 475
Impulse Glows, No Intro Movies and Faster Scrolling ColdDarkParanoia 110KB 1495
New Intrepid ODF MEGA_MAX 2KB 333
K'vort Revamped FetFet2 124KB 435
Surak Class gdata 335KB 826
Buyable Stations Mod Slamoid 42KB 1543
TOS Daedalus Aflac 413KB 712
Keys of Legacy Alexraptor 1.68MB 1054
Manuever Commands Genty 609KB 1852
Proper Connie Refit in Campaign Argonus 46KB 640
Keys of Legacy (1.0) Alexraptor 36KB 744
Luna & Premonition Class Phaser fix gdata 1KB 316
Playable DS9 Admril Legacy 2KB 778
Federation Ent-Era Rebalance Mod NCC1717 156KB 355
Start Years: Federation gdata 10KB 292
Keys of Legacy Alexraptor 4.42MB 1766
New Races Cungi 22KB 1764
Glory of the Federation Mr. Ifafudafi 4.15MB 1051
Section 31 Rebalance Mod Feirfek 22KB 184
D'deridex Class C Feirfek 1.05MB 196
New Races Mod Cungi 30KB 1664
Menu Change Tasty_Tribble 489KB 132
Shield Damage Colours Cungi 29KB 491
Post-TNG Era New Gen Mod Team 23KB 125
Upgrade System Tjoz Gaming 62KB 428
New Races Mod Cungi 41KB 1316
New Races Mod Cungi 257KB 547
New Races Mod Cungi 257KB 517
Visual Enhancement MOD New Gen Mod Team 1.94MB 1072
Apollo Class Fix New Gen Mod Team 1KB 161
Legacy+ Bob127 80KB 391
New Races Mod gdata 252KB 305
Pimp My Starships Capt_Capybara 14KB 170
Control Keys Mod New Gen Mod Team 19KB 346
New Races Mod gdata 252KB 1608
Legacy OEM+ Fangoriously 22.81MB 364
Compilation Mod ganondorf2002 21KB 102
Menu and Controls Mod New Gen Mod Team 630KB 260
Menu Mod New Gen Mod Team 105KB 33
Menu Mod New Gen Mod Team 105KB 134
nEw-GEN Menu Minimize & Control Fixes New Gen Mod Team 655KB 242
Akira class - Dominion War era refit JohannRSA 345KB 251
Vulcan Enhancement Mod Voyagerseven 332KB 188
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