Star Trek: Legacy
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Connie Texture Improvement yopyop 880KB 449
Warp Glow Correction (Federation) AdmiralHocking 787KB 748
Multi-era high res fed registrey pack Mark/Moonraker 4.17MB 3917
Multi era Fed registrey pack Mark/Moonraker 1.96MB 563
JTK Galaxy Deflector Dish JamesTiberiusKirk 878KB 865
Federation Texture Fixes Mark/Moonraker 3.53MB 1848
TOS Bussard Collector Pack 2 Genty 2.55MB 490
Constitution class sovereign001 3.79MB 737
Original TNG Cube Glows Alexraptor 285KB 786
Canon TNG Galaxy JamesTiberiusKirk 1.43MB 1765
Akyazi Retexture sovereign001 18.6MB 698
New TOS Bussards Genty 2.2MB 898
Intrepid retexture sovereign001 4.72MB 1734
Lakota Nacelle texture-fix yopyop 451KB 254
Ambassador Retexture sovereign001 5.57MB 919
Luna Class Registry Fix gdata 5.51MB 327
Assimilated Galaxy Class Ship Guest 5MB 1019
Excelsior Class Retexture BazBoy 496KB 300
Vor'cha Retexture Osaka One 2MB 326
NX logo pack v1.2 Tasty_Tribble 328KB 117
NX Logo pack Tasty_Tribble 61KB 64
NX Registry Version 1.1 Tasty_Tribble 156KB 90
Klingon BoP Retexture sovereign001 38.68MB 342
"In A Mirror Darkly" TOS Torpedoes wilv 252KB 369
MR_Weapon_Sprites anunc8 13.37MB 532
ENT Klingon Textures wilv 5.64MB 101
Strider Class Retexture anunc8 5.11MB 239
Yorktown Class Retexture anunc8 2.34MB 380
Alternative Bismarck Proxima Refit wilv 1.89MB 215
Sovereign Class Retexture Cungi 1.8MB 424
Sovereign001 Vor'cha Attack Cruiser sovereign001 4.39MB 319
Ent Era Klingon Retextures wilv 9.55MB 138
SNS Galaxy Registry fixes New Gen Mod Team 1.05MB 192
Sovereign001 CGI Romulan Warbird sovereign001 6.8MB 315
Romulan Speculars wilv 3.2MB 240
USS Excalibur Registry Tweak Fix New Gen Mod Team 123KB 242
Norexan Texture Fix New Gen Mod Team 1.5MB 257
Red-Green-Yellow Map 'Backgrounds' Terradyhne 2.21MB 101
Defiant Retexture Andyx100 814KB 68
Defiant Retexture Andyx100 891KB 97
2007 Retexture Contest: Runners up Members of the Community 9.16MB 113
2007 Retexture Contest: Winner wilv 685KB 163
Klingon D-7 Retexture ganondorf2002 1.12MB 112
Photon Retexture Zube1337 1.18MB 145
Transphasic Texture Zube1337 68KB 67
ISS Defiant Logo Retexture starfleetcommand3 2KB 18
Weapons Overhaul Mod cammy511 54KB 59
Sovereign001 Retexture Soulwolf Class sovereign001 4.91MB 108
Weapons Overhaul Mod cammy511 74KB 87
New Torpedo Textures :) cammy511 70KB 62
Federation/Klingon Torpedo Retexture Zube1337 2.72MB 92
Bussard tweaks spocke 3.34MB 26
Federation Bird Of Prey Retexture tj_hawk 919KB 18
Federation F-18 Rextexture tj_hawk 2.99MB 29
Proxima upgrade Voyagerseven 585KB 75
User Interface Modification Chrissstrahl 514KB 762
No Intro Movies ColdDarkParanoia 9KB 527
Command Points Mod Pizi 18KB 1190
Section 31 Rebalance Mod Feirfek 29KB 171
Command Points & Round Time Mod nosferatu 14KB 810
Constituion Class Refit- upgrade Aflac 486KB 687
Limited HUD captainwalker 16KB 474
Impulse Glows, No Intro Movies and Faster Scrolling ColdDarkParanoia 110KB 1495
New Intrepid ODF MEGA_MAX 2KB 331
K'vort Revamped FetFet2 124KB 435
Surak Class gdata 335KB 824
Buyable Stations Mod Slamoid 42KB 1542
TOS Daedalus Aflac 413KB 711
Keys of Legacy Alexraptor 1.68MB 1054
Manuever Commands Genty 609KB 1851
Proper Connie Refit in Campaign Argonus 46KB 639
Keys of Legacy (1.0) Alexraptor 36KB 744
Luna & Premonition Class Phaser fix gdata 1KB 315
Playable DS9 Admril Legacy 2KB 777
Federation Ent-Era Rebalance Mod NCC1717 156KB 354
Start Years: Federation gdata 10KB 291
Keys of Legacy Alexraptor 4.42MB 1766
New Races Cungi 22KB 1764
Glory of the Federation Mr. Ifafudafi 4.15MB 1051
Section 31 Rebalance Mod Feirfek 22KB 183
D'deridex Class C Feirfek 1.05MB 195
New Races Mod Cungi 30KB 1664
Menu Change Tasty_Tribble 489KB 131
Shield Damage Colours Cungi 29KB 490
Post-TNG Era New Gen Mod Team 23KB 124
Upgrade System Tjoz Gaming 62KB 428
New Races Mod Cungi 41KB 1314
New Races Mod Cungi 257KB 546
New Races Mod Cungi 257KB 516
Visual Enhancement MOD New Gen Mod Team 1.94MB 1071
Apollo Class Fix New Gen Mod Team 1KB 160
Legacy+ Bob127 80KB 391
New Races Mod gdata 252KB 302
Pimp My Starships Capt_Capybara 14KB 169
Control Keys Mod New Gen Mod Team 19KB 345
New Races Mod gdata 252KB 1598
Legacy OEM+ Fangoriously 22.81MB 363
Compilation Mod ganondorf2002 21KB 101
Menu and Controls Mod New Gen Mod Team 630KB 257
Menu Mod New Gen Mod Team 105KB 32
Menu Mod New Gen Mod Team 105KB 133
nEw-GEN Menu Minimize & Control Fixes New Gen Mod Team 655KB 241
Akira class - Dominion War era refit JohannRSA 345KB 250
Vulcan Enhancement Mod Voyagerseven 332KB 186
Vulcan Enhancement Mod Voyagerseven 450KB 232
Attack Adaption Cube Voyagerseven 347KB 146
Attack Adaption Cube (TOS) Voyagerseven 4KB 45
Sovereign class Nemesis Aivefeas 117KB 134
Enhanced Sovereign Class Aivefeas 209KB 245
Queen TNG Adapting Mod Voyagerseven 24KB 114
Ship Cost Mod vonfrank 569KB 181
Adapting Borg Race Pack Voyagerseven 29KB 266
Keys of Legacy Alexraptor 1.55MB 1219
Modulating Shield Frequency /Adapting Borg Voyagerseven 8KB 185
Strider Upgrade TOS/TMP ERA Voyagerseven 264KB 142
Legacy OEM+ 2.1 Prototypes Fangoriously 9.31MB 249
Federation Ship Pack Teaser starfleetcommand3 17KB 95
Steamrunner Refit tj_hawk 238KB 36
Galaxy Borg Refit tj_hawk 749KB 56
Federation Ship Pack Demo Patch starfleetcommand3 24KB 63
Ambassador Class refit jwwb5 4KB 121
Constitution Refit TOS Fix (from Federation Ship Pack) starfleetcommand3 2KB 51
Borg Resize pack DataLoreB4 1.1MB 42
Borg Resize pack DataLoreB4 1.1MB 130
Commandpoints & Timelimit Mod Voyagerseven 272KB 86
UUmod Command Point Change Voyagerseven 18KB 100
Skeeter's HDR Mod SkeeterUK 2KB 188
New Death Rite Mod Voyagerseven 569KB 48
TOS NX Fleet tj_hawk 1.78MB 66
M5 Mothball Fleet tj_hawk 1.55MB 46
M5 Mothball Fleet Team_Hawk_Fluxx 1.56MB 47
Vulcans Online Voyagerseven 951KB 35
USS Slayton starfleetcommand3 256KB 47
Galaxy Class - EVO-Refit Odf New Gen Mod Team 3KB 166
CJ Larkin's fantastic techni-colour but not for the weak sighted gameplay Chris Larkin 17KB 362
ATP Mod (Aft Torpedo Mod) starfleetcommand3 814KB 79
New Galaxy ODF spocke 4KB 58
Pumped up Ambassador spocke 6KB 52
Star Trek Explosions spocke 94KB 103
Star Trek Physics Mod spocke 27KB 56
Cobalt21's Ship ODF Mod Cobalt21 12KB 38
Star Trek Explosions(V 2.0) spocke 92KB 173
Excelsior Hull Tweak Zube1337 125KB 55
kvort Photon Torpedo Pulse Voyagerseven 13KB 48
The Whitestar (Trek Battles & Ultimate Universe Compatibility Patches Amagosa987/Acidfluxxbass 279KB 143
Kvort -Quantum Photon Torp Pulse Voyagerseven 415KB 54
Tri-Cobalt Device tj_hawk 116KB 151
Transphasic Torpedo | Sovereign War Vessel The Sting 288KB 1284
ENT Era Super Weapon Dawnofwar4 1KB 2414
TOS Era Super Weapon Dawnofwar4 2KB 1261
TNG Era Super Phaser Weapon Dawnofwar4 5KB 1666
NX Shields Justin Burton 104KB 1814
Voyager Photon Torpedoes Alexraptor 262KB 296
Voyager Photon Torpdoes Alexraptor 262KB 1426
Voyager TNG Torpedo Mod Alexraptor 573KB 698
Akira with Chain Pulse and Keymapped Cloak Argonus 5KB 915
360 Degree (TNG) Phasers gdata 2KB 933
360 Degree (TOS) Phasers gdata 2KB 624
360 Degree (ENT) Phasers gdata 2KB 818
Canon NX Weapons anunc8 1.38MB 710
Dual firing torps wilv 4KB 353
The Gun Capt_Capybara 4KB 222
ENT Era Vulcan Torpedo wilv 182KB 132
Canon Romulan BoP Capt_Capybara 122KB 132
ENT era Vulcan Torpedo wilv 29KB 53
ENT Era Super Weapon New Gen Mod Team 2KB 351
TOS Era Super Weapon New Gen Mod Team 3KB 229
TNG Era Super Phaser Weapon New Gen Mod Team 4KB 270
Dual Firing Torpedoes wilv 100KB 495
Quantum Pulse Phasers tj_hawk 141KB 142
Quantum Phasers tj_hawk 5KB 256
Phased Plasma Torpedoes tj_hawk 184KB 133
Nova Bomb Admiral_Nayru 1KB 65
TMP Era Phaser And Repair Mod tj_hawk 341KB 92
Futuristic Federation Phasers Team Exxperience 54KB 136
Transphasic Torpedo Mod tj_hawk 496KB 194
Alpha Quadrant Transphasic Torpedo Mod tj_hawk 539KB 90
Defiant Pulse Phaser Sound Replacement Dauntless_Venerator2 108KB 1394
Klingon voice mod Mailman653 3.91MB 493
Klingon Battle Music Mailman653 4.69MB 971
Klingon Battle Music (part 2) Mailman653 5.77MB 624
Klingon Battle Music (Part 3) Mailman653 7.35MB 1011
Canon (TOS) Torps Aflac 39KB 639
Asgard Weapon Sounds General_Zod 784KB 534
Trek Battles: Intro Movie New Gen Mod Team 32.14MB 324
Defiant Pulse Phaser Fix drh1589 190KB 415
Splash Screen Contest Entry 3 noci3 712KB 16
Splash Screen Contest Entry Weldon 430KB 16
Splash Screen Entry 3 acidfluxxbass 985KB 23
Splash Screen Contest Entry IKS Yo Mama 950KB 28
Splash Screen Contest Entry acidfluxxbass 624KB 23
Splash Screen Contest Entry starfleetcommand3 94KB 26
Splash Screen Contest Entry (Amagosa987) Amagosa987 530KB 40
Splash Screen Contest Entry Jetfreak 136KB 22
Splash Screen Contest Entry vonfrank 340KB 24
Splash Screen Contest Entry 2 acidfluxxbass 894KB 16
Splash Screen Contest Entry 2 starfleetcommand3 111KB 18
Splash Screen Entry 2 Jetfreak 333KB 15
Splash Screen Contest Entry 2 Weldon 645KB 11
Splash Screen Contest Entry 3 Weldon 842KB 18
Splash Screen Contest Entry (michaelappleby) Michael Appleby 765KB 23
Splash Screen Contest Entry 4 Weldon 914KB 14
Splash Screen Contest Entry 2 (Amagosa987) Amagosa987 813KB 27
Splash Screen Contest Entry 2 noci3 413KB 20
Splash Screen Contest Entry 4 noci3 625KB 17
Splash Screen Contest Entry 3 Jetfreak 396KB 11
Splash Screen Contest Entry Zube1337 1.37MB 15
Splash Screen Contest Entry noci3 812KB 28
Splash Screen Contest Entry 2 (Zube1337) Zube1337 1.46MB 16
Splash Screen Contest Entry 4 (acidfluxxbass) acidfluxxbass 417KB 14
Splash Screen Contest Entry 5 noci3 841KB 21
Splash Screen Contest Entry dannyp61 538KB 15
Splash Screen Contest Entry 2 dannyp61 859KB 10
Splash Screen Contest Entry 3 (starfleetcommand3) starfleetcommand3 483KB 18
Splash Screen Contest Entry (KID-JR) kid_jr 654KB 8
startrekjake Splash Screen RELOADED startrekjake 2.13MB 27
Splash Screen Contest Entry 2 (tjoz) Tjoz Gaming 887KB 17
Splash Screen Contest Entry 1 Tjoz Gaming 929KB 10
Splash Screen Contest Entry 6 noci3 873KB 20
Legacy Splash Pack cammy511 1.49MB 48
New Planets Cungi 7.34MB 211
Borg Planet New Gen Mod Team 956KB 419