Star Trek: Legacy
Small Addons

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Canon DS9 wilv 1.21MB 473
DS9 + vonfrank 2.26MB 945
Legacy, Shaders 3.0 Alexraptor 349KB 379
Legacy, Shaders 3.0 - FIX Alexraptor 3KB 577
Legacy, Shaders 3.0 Alexraptor 349KB 416
Legacy, Shaders 3.0 Alexraptor 349KB 291
Legacy, Shaders 3.0 Alexraptor 334KB 1,232
Section 31 Strider class Refit ISS Papa-san 1.03MB 71
Start-up Pictures beecho98 2.6MB 170
Aftermath Add-on Pack A Tjoz Gaming 5MB 493
Connie Texture Improvement yopyop 880KB 454
Warp Glow Correction (Federation) AdmiralHocking 787KB 751
Multi-era high res fed registrey pack Mark/Moonraker 4.17MB 3,918
Multi era Fed registrey pack Mark/Moonraker 1.96MB 565
JTK Galaxy Deflector Dish JamesTiberiusKirk 878KB 869
Federation Texture Fixes Mark/Moonraker 3.53MB 1,853
TOS Bussard Collector Pack 2 Genty 2.55MB 493
Constitution class sovereign001 3.79MB 744
Original TNG Cube Glows Alexraptor 285KB 786
Canon TNG Galaxy JamesTiberiusKirk 1.43MB 1,772
Akyazi Retexture sovereign001 18.6MB 708
New TOS Bussards Genty 2.2MB 904
Intrepid retexture sovereign001 4.72MB 1,740
Lakota Nacelle texture-fix yopyop 451KB 257
Ambassador Retexture sovereign001 5.57MB 928
Luna Class Registry Fix gdata 5.51MB 335
Assimilated Galaxy Class Ship Guest 5MB 1,022
Excelsior Class Retexture BazBoy 496KB 308
Vor'cha Retexture Osaka One 2MB 332
NX logo pack v1.2 Tasty_Tribble 328KB 129
NX Logo pack Tasty_Tribble 61KB 67
NX Registry Version 1.1 Tasty_Tribble 156KB 98
"In A Mirror Darkly" TOS Torpedoes wilv 252KB 376
MR_Weapon_Sprites anunc8 13.37MB 543
ENT Klingon Textures wilv 5.64MB 104
Strider Class Retexture anunc8 5.11MB 247
Yorktown Class Retexture anunc8 2.34MB 388
Alternative Bismarck Proxima Refit wilv 1.89MB 221
Sovereign Class Retexture Cungi 1.8MB 427
Sovereign001 Vor'cha Attack Cruiser sovereign001 4.39MB 321
Ent Era Klingon Retextures wilv 9.55MB 141
SNS Galaxy Registry fixes New Gen Mod Team 1.05MB 199
Sovereign001 CGI Romulan Warbird sovereign001 6.8MB 317
Romulan Speculars wilv 3.2MB 243
USS Excalibur Registry Tweak Fix New Gen Mod Team 123KB 244
Norexan Texture Fix New Gen Mod Team 1.5MB 263
Red-Green-Yellow Map 'Backgrounds' Terradyhne 2.21MB 102
Defiant Retexture Andyx100 814KB 70
Defiant Retexture Andyx100 891KB 104
2007 Retexture Contest: Runners up Members of the Community 9.16MB 114