12 pack new ship renders



This 12 pack of 700x525 res screenshots depict many of the major ships, most of which look atleast decent all the way to way cool. Featured in this pack is the AKira, Constelation, Consitution refit, Borg Cube, Defiant, Excelcior, Galaxy, Intrepid, NX class, Sov, Vorcha, and warbird. I must say perhaps the Warbirds and borg cube are the most stunning. The warbird does not appear to be 100% acurate to canon, but then again it could be a Dderidex class that has been upgraded or modified. The Cube looks alot like BoBW, however the green lights look a bit tacy. We all know they were orangish lights in that ep, but that ought to be easy enough for a modder to fix. Considering that these are stock models, and considering the stock models from past games, there is a defeneite improvement here. The modders still got better toys, but atleast the stock ships wont make ya barf.


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