2007 Starship Contest: First Runner-Up



Yes here is the first Runner-up for the 2007 Starship Contest, the Seraquiel Class done again by the trio TipTop, NCC1717 and gdata this is an Ent Era Federation Battleship and just like the Berlin it made it's debut in Trek Battles 2. Similiar to the Berlin Class in design and shape it is a late ENT era vessel that looks like a link between the ENT and TOS eras. This ship just lost out to the Winner by the narrowest of margins. Still looks sweet :thumbsup:



Nickname: nEw-GEN Mods(tiptop, NCC1717, gdata)
Website: http://www.new-gen-mods.net.ms

This is one of our entries for the Starship competition: The Seraquiel Class. It is a late ENT Battleship and has already pre-tos phasers, bussards and photons.


- Registries 
- Bumpmaps
- Speculars
- Glowmaps
- Alpha Channel
- Damage mesh


Copy the folders: M3D, ODF, Textures in your game directory!
Go to the sprites folder in your game directoy and open the file weapons.spr with Notepad.

Add below: 


this line:

wredphoton2	      wredtorp2 	      0	      0	      128     128     @anim=tex4x4

then add below:


this line:

wfedphaser_ent_lrglate	wfedphaser_lateent_sml	0	0	256	64 @anim=tex1x4 @tile_u


Model design: tiptop
Mesh: tiptop
Textures: tiptop, NCC1717
odf: tiptop, gdata
Sprites: gdata(modified stock ones)
Bussard texture: Genty (modified by tiptop)

Thanks to the rest of the team for the helpful suggestions!

Please do not use the design or the model in a mod without asking for usage permission!!!


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