8 player map

8playermap.rar —


Turns out that the maximum amount of players, that being 4, is a bit of a baloney, as proven by 0mega here. The catch...well there isn't one. Just big battles with a possible 32 ships, which I would hazard a guess may put a bit of a strain on your system, nevertheless, 8 players, teamed or un-teamed...well you could almost do Wolf 359 with this! Recommended download immediately for anyone who thinks 16 ships just isn't enough!




4 player? who needs it. Thats right, this is the FIRST 8 player Legacy map.

<Install instructions! :D >

drop it in the sol folder in the legacy directory :D anyone with the map can play with you :) works for DM

<Bugs :( >

To be expected :P dunno exactly what though...

<Credits! :D >

Me for making the 8 player map
Magellanic for testing in skirmish
Lepton for testing in MP
AdmiralX for finding the map editor :D

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