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This is the Ballista Class, armoured Steamrunner refit. This is a very cool starship. It has been totally retextured and what a superb job i...


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This is the Ballista Class, armoured Steamrunner refit. This is a very cool starship. It has been totally retextured and what a superb job it is (although for some strange reason it reminds me of halloween, maybe it's the purple-orange-black-grey colour combo). The vessel is apparently part of a proposed ABF (Anti Borg Fleet) which the author is currently in the process of completing. The vessel has it's own spec glows and the original specs of the stock Steamrunner are modified also. The ship plays well in game and is actually quite balanced, falls just short of an Akira in terms of fire power. This is a really really sweet mod, especially for a first mod, so I suggest getting your hands on this now...download!! :D

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Download 'scballista.rar' (1017KB)

________________________________ Ballista Class __________________________________________

__________________________ Armoured Steamrunner Refit ____________________________________

			        - Sarah Clancy - 
 -  Contents -

	1.0 The Ballista Class
	1.1 About this Mod
	1.2 Specific Modifications
	1.3 Installation
	1.4 Credits
	1.5 Legal
	1.6 Permissions/Contact
	1.7 Conclusion

 1.0  -  The Ballista Class

	Code named the Ballista Class Refit this vessel is refitted for one purpose - War. This is part of the newly redesigned Next Generation Anti-Borg Fleet , the "ABF".  The main refit of these vessels is a brand new and highly experimental Hull composition designed to eliminate sensor shadowing and is a testing bed for anti-tractor beam armour technology. This composition is known as PAM Armour (an abbreviation of it's composites)

Armour enhancements include integrated armour technology made of Ablative armor and Parametallic hull plating reinforced with Monotanium micro-plates in the armoured hull joints. The tri-alloy armour has the unfortunate effect of slowing the speed of the vessel it's delpoyed upon. Also due to the restrictions on power required to run the Ablative Armour generators, the shield matrix of the ship operates at 30% the normal shield output of a normal (ship of this class), however a new deflector dish that feeds directly from the Bussard Collectors has remedied that problem with the shield output now operating at 150% (1800 level points) of a normal Steamrunner (1200 level points).

	Due to the armour the Hull specification points (hull Level) is 3000 (1200 originally). The Weapons Level has been upgraded to a level of 2200 from 1100 to complement the armour. The sensor level has been reduced as the added armour requires extra power for the ablative armour generators on the hull bringing the sensor profile down from 1300 to 600. The engines have also been greatly affected. After the refit the engine level went from 1270 down to 800 making the Ballista awfully slow. Starfleet installed an extra set of experimental impulse engines known as Pulse-Boosters on the ship where Ten forward used to be (Check screenshots to see these engines). These Pulse-Booster Engines work by giving the main impulse engines a short burst of impulse every time the vessel reaches 3/4 impulse by using power from the deflector dish. The added boost makes the vessel more difficult for helmsmen to manouevre correctly although several have been trained to operate with these engines. These new engines managed to bring the Ballista's engines to 1070. The Shield level has been greatly enhanced by using extra power from the new deflector dish, routing power through the ablative armour generators to the shield generators bringing the shields from a 1200 level to a 1800 level. Basically the Ballista is designed for close quarter combat. 

 1.1 - About this Mod
	This is my first mod for any Star Trek Game. Nevermind Legacy. I have been playing Legacy since it came out and I've seen what you guys are doing for the improvement of the overall standard of the game so I decided instead of leeching off the community by downloading mods I might aswell add my unique flavour to the community.. Doing this was tough work so I hope you appreciate this ship. I will in the future release more vessels of the ABF. I have a Norway, Nova, Intrepid and a Nebula being refitted at the moment so fingers crossed I get completed.

 1.2  - Specific Modifications
	I have totally rehashed the textures leaving none of the original Steamrunner hull or engine textures. I have added brand new textures using real life detailed metallic textures to give the effect of heavy armour on the hull. I also changed the original specular glows to adequately suit the textures that I have imposed on the vessel. The new specular glows include - The Nacelle glows are now purple rather than blue. The Bussards are orange and the spec is reduced to suit the new armoured style bussard. There is a new hull texture at the very front of the ship (so called "Pulse-Boosters) and a blue spec to complement it.:) I re-did the specs on the impulse from red to purple glow to match the new impulse engine textures. I have modified the Ships stats in the odf to accordingly match the ship's spec (as stated in section 1.0 of this readme). I've tried to make the ship as balanced as possible. Also I tried to change the Ship's registry logos with a "U.S.S. Ballista, NX 75900" added as the default logo but that never seemed to work, although the colour of the logos have changed to a dark gray due to this addition which was a nice surprise.

Any one who has an idea to change the registry logo then give me an email.. would be cool to have the ballista logo

1.3 - Installation
	I'm not tech savy enough to do an exe but I'll try in the future to do it this way. Till then you can simply put each file into the specifed folder.

	.odf to odf\ships
	.m3d to m3d
	.dds to textures\dds


That should do it :)

 1.4 - Credits
	Model by : MadDoc/Bethesda
	Original ODF by : MadDoc/Bethesda 
	Textures: Modified by me
	Specs: Modified by me

 1.5 - Legal 

	Bethesda, MadDoc, the man in the moon... Star Trek.. you know the drill.
Ok seriously, 

This material is not created or supported by teh developers, Bethesda or MadDoc. This material was not desinged for or may not be used for commercial purposes! By using this material, you (the user) agree to use this on the basis of no faults reported in testing. As a result, I take no liability or responsibility for any issues/problems/bug/damages that may occur to your game or hardware.

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners and parent companies. 

 1.6 - Permissions/Contact

	You are permitted to use this ship in your mod/project provided you ask first. You can contact me at [email protected] if you wish to use this in a mod.

 1.7  - Conclusion

No bugs have been reported on the Stock Version of the Game or the 1.1 Patch Version. 1.2 has not been tested and this ship has not been tested with any other mods. 

Please ensure that you DO BACKUP all Files that belong to the Steamrunner Ship. This is wise in the case that you do not like this Mod and wish to revert to the stock version

Again, Thank you for downloading this mod, may you have endless hours of enjoyement kicking Borg arse with it.. I know I had. 

- Sarah Clancy

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