Acid Fluxx Bass - Corridor Of Fame Vol. 4



My Fourth Screenshot pack from the Corridor Of Fame series which I hope to keep going.This contains another set of concepts from myself.

Note: One pic was originally by Noci3 and Phjotoshopped with permissions! Ships which are featured may not yet be available on the Filefront network for public download!


Here is acids latest installment of the Hall of Fame pack, featuring some really nice Concept imagery from acidfluxxbass.

These are good quality images, worthy of any desktop background. Another nice installment, I await more




acidfluxxbass third screenshoct pack

most files are widescreen. They should be around 1400 x 900 with some exceptions
some files are larger

All pictures made by myself using legacy and photoshop or photopaint. 

If you wish to use them for whatever reason like youtube videos desktops etc. thats fine. However, please dont try and claim they are yours.

If you wish to contact me my email is [email protected] so feel free to send a message.

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