Acidfluxxbass Screenshot Pack



This pack contains 69 pictures from acidfluxxbass. The files are new and old ones which have been separated into different folders for each time period. Many of the pictures are Photoshopped. The majority of the files are widescreen with some exceptions and some are extrememly high resolution images.



acidfluxxbass screenshoct pack

All of my pics from the point where i first pressed engage on legacy!
There are 69 pictures split into 4 folders. 
1. AUG/SEP/OCT 2007
2. NOV/DEC 2007
3. JAN 2008
4. FEB/MAR 2008

Most files are widescreen. They should be around 1400 x 900 with some exceptions
Some files are larger than others with resolutions 2000 x 2000 and more. 

All pictures made by myself using photoshop or photopaint. 
If you wish to use them for whatever reason like youtube videos etc. However, please dont try and claim they are yours and dont resubmit for the Potd because most of them are already on the queue.

If you wish to contact me, my email is [email protected], so feel free to send a message.

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