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This is the latest of the Adapting Borg Script Mods from Voyagerseven. This pack includes all his previous work and also includes a p...


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This is the latest of the Adapting Borg Script Mods from Voyagerseven. This pack includes all his previous work and also includes a patch for the Queen and TNG Borg Cube. All of you that have been following this have seen that it is quite a cool mod and is worth downloading, and this version of it is more biased to the player as it is easier to defeat the Borg although to be honest I did like the previous versions were the Borg were exceedingly difficult to beat. Still it's a great mod and hopefully we can see more gameplay changing mods from Voyagerseven!


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Download '' (29KB)

-odf change:   "ADAPTING BORG RACE PAK"
-Nickname:	voyagerseven
-E-Mail:         voyagersevenathotmaildotcom

Sorry there is no ingame screenshots.

This is also includes a  patch for the Oueen and Cube 3 

Taking  concideration that the Human element would be playing.
I /We  have made a few adjustments for multiplay

-For all Eras




I call the Tng Era , "Destroy the Queen" 
The object of this Fleet is to head for Fedreation space and destroy Earth.(TNG ERA ONLY)
But thier is a catch,The Queen will be coming with them. 
She will have a escort to help her reach Earth.She has 2 small drone ships with an Adapting Borg Cube 3
much more powerful than the earlier version.The reason it's more powerful is because  She has made a special Cube with the power to Adapt very quickly while she is being attacked, In order to help protect her. She knows the Federation will be on the look out for her and will try to destroy her.She on the other hand has the ability to adapt herself.But it will be no easy task, She is very powerful and she has no mercy this time around. She will not assimilate any races on this trip. It will be seek and destroy all life forms and Earth."We Must Get to Earth and destroy it,crys the Queen" Resistant is Futile!

I love using the unpatched version at Meduim high because there is nothing like seeing you fleet half destroyed and Necelles missing off ships lying dead in space,as you look around at the aftermath...

-Other Changes:
This Mod is simply a simulation of Borg adapting capibilities
Every vessell can not be adapting in the Borg race. They will not function properly

-This Mod includes : 
Shield Colors have been ehanced for all races Fed,Rom,Kling,Borg Stock only..
for a more Realistic look..

The Shields will turn transparent as they a weakend 
for a more dramatic look. 

This mod will also  work with my Vulcan race mod..

This Mod should work very well for online play.As long as everyone one has the excact same game!

This is great for team work ..I have only been able to Destroy the Queen a few times 
playing AI with 3 to 1(Borg). And I must say it wasn't easy it depends on the map and how you play and how you use your other ships.Remember they are under attack by the other drones ships while you are fighting the Cube and the Queen.

There is a Technique to winning ! You just have to know how to find it..Its different in every Map because of the way the Ai plays and places ships. That makes it totaly unpredictable.."Which is the way I like it"

This makes playing by yourself fun,or as a team.

Please back up your folders,Just in case you don't like this mod.
The simplist way to back up is to copy and paste your odf folder in My Documents .. 


This Mod includes :

 This will and I repeat,  
"WILL OVERWRITE these  Borg Ships...
B_tng_multicube      (ADAPTING)
B_tng_multidiamond   (ADAPTING)
B_tos_cube           (ADAPTING)
B_ent_cube           (ADAPTING)
B_tng_multiobelisk   (Distracting Dorne ship)
B_tng_multipyramid   (Distracting Dorne ship)
B_tng_multirectangle (Distracting Dorne ship)
B_tng_multisphere    (Distracting Dorne ship)
B_tng_multishere_S   (Distracting Dorne ship (This will be added to the Tng fleet)


This Odf file was created for a Unpatched or Patched copy of legacy..
The Shield and Hull regeneration file "Will Not" be the same in another Mod. 
The Adapting Features I have created in this Mod and All my previous Mods
Will not work or perform correctly in a Modded version of The stock legacy

This will also work with Cungi's New Races Mod (3.3)
This will however,Work in a Legacy Stock whereas all you have added are Ships/ texture's/DDS /M3d
or Ship Odf files.Or Race Files  

Simply copy and paste odf in your Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek legacy  folder.

    "Don't forget to delete your db.pak or rename it"..!

odf by : voyagerseven 

Testing MP: HRHDeets

for helpping me test this MP

Everything eles by: Stock Legacy Game...
___________________________________________ Legal ____________________________________________

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit mod, made for fun.

This material is not made or supported by Bethesda or MAD DOC Software. This material is freeware and may not be used for commercial purposes! By installing this addon, you (the user) agree to and assume all risks of said addon. As a result, I take no responsibility for any damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.
Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. All other trademarks
and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. 

contact info:
please don't contact unless there is a problem.  
Please Don't use this in a Mod without my Permission  ~Thanks~

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