Admiral Hocking's Second Wallpaper Pack



Ask and ye shall recieve...so we did and he gave, great isn't it? Anyhow, this pack contains images that have recently been released and whilst it isn't a replacement for the other pack, it gives you more content to stare at. Comes in 1024x768 and 800x600 for a total of 22 pictures. Enjoy!



AdmiralHockings Star Trek Legacy Wallpaper Pack 2

 As with the previous, in the zip file should be 11 images for both 800x600 screen resolution and 1024x768 screen resolution. 
(22 images in total).

 To set as your desktop background either right click the image and select "set as desktop background." Or right click on
the desktop, select properties then desktop, and set it that way. To have them appear in the properties menu
under the desktop tag copy the images (usually for windows XP and XP Media Centre) to;


You will also find that the images with the game logo at the bottom have a black bar under the logo.
 This will not show up on your desktop, it is so the bottom of the image doesn't get cut off by the task

 Another option, suggested by IKS_Yo_Mama, is to put them in a folder in "My Pictures" or where ever 
you prefer and point the Windows "My Pictures Slideshow" at the said folder.


 This pack is not affiliated with Bethesda Softworks or related companies.
Should you choose to add the wallpapers to the file path above, I cannot be held
responsible for any damage you may cause to your computer should you choose to
play with any key files you find in said pathway.

 You may freely redistribute this package, under the condition that the entire zip directory is included, this
covers all 22 images and the readme, un-edited. You must also inform me of the website that is to 
redistribute the files. I can be contacted via the FileFront forums as AdmiralHocking or at;

starbase24 AT hotmail DOT com

 If you should choose to redistribute this file you must also display the "samplescreen2" on the webpage.


 Compilation - AdmiralHocking
 Screenshots - Bethesda Softworks
                   - Gamespot
                   - IGN

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