Aegean Class

Well it's the Aegean Class but not as we know it. This rather strange looking Aegean Class (from Star Trek: Armada2) is from the Ent...


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Well it's the Aegean Class but not as we know it. This rather strange looking Aegean Class (from Star Trek: Armada2) is from the Enterprise Era.... Acting in the Starfleet as a destroyer, this has the standard design of high mounted nacelles above the aft-dorsal of the hull and a raised saucer section. Although the vessel would not have fitted the Enterprise Era starship design, it looks similiar to the Aegean's original shape.

The Aegean is back, this time with fixed textures and enhanced hardpoints. Whilst I don't particularly agree wtih it being in the ENT era (more TNG), it is still a nice looking ship and heartily recommended to those wishing to bolster their ENT era Federation forces.

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Download '' (1.87MB)

Aegean for Star Trek Legacy

	This is version 2.0 there were a few issues with the previous version and this should five the texture corruption issue and hardpoint issue.
	The Aegean Class is meant to be an Enterprise eradestroyer and it is the Federations forays into the standard looking ship design with the high mounted nacelles and raised saucer section and main hull set well below the saucer section

	-Open Zip File
	-Copy the contents of each folder into the corresponding folders in the STL file

You can modify any files you want for your liking.  All the files needed for it to work in STL are there even the icon file so you won't have the huge white box when you pick it or playing the game.

Mod Usage:

InterstellaMachine was able to help with the hardpoint deletion issue used with this model.  I am highly appreciative of his help.	

InterstellaMachine did the original modeling work for this ship to be used in Star Trek Armada 2,
I modded the file to be used in Star Trek Legacy.

If you are going to use this file else where please provide credit to James Rumann and InterstellaMachine

I can be eached at [email protected]

None of these files were made by Bethesda Soft and they are not resposible for any dmages to your game directory.  As with all mods you are using them at your own risk.

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1 year ago by Geneon Kerensky

Sorry that I ask again:

Does it work UU 2.2 ?

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