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This is the first add-on for any Afte...


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This is the first add-on for any Aftermath release. Add-on Pack A contains three new ships that may never be seen in future Aftermath releases. They are the new Akira, Sovereign and K'tinga (the Sovereign contained in this pack won't be in future releases). Apart from the new ships, the pack also contains two maps new to Aftermath. Siaraname System by AcidFluxxBass and Yispen. Both Yispen and Siaraname will be available in future Aftermath releases though they may be in different areas of the mod. For Add-on Pack A they are available in Death Match (Siaraname System a 6 player map, Yispen an 8 player map).

Although this is to be used on Aftermath installs (2.0 please, not any of the older ones but if you were too lazy to get 2.0 it should work on the older ones), it most likely will work in other mods too though it hasn't been tested to do so.

If you know every Aftermath map by now or just want to have these nice retextures this is probably your download. The maps quality is excellent (I think I don't need to mention this, when talking about Aftermath ;)) and the retextures of the stock ships are also a useful addition to Aftermath. :thumpsup:


Note: Here you can get the latest Aftermath release

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Download 'aftermath_add_on_a2.exe' (5MB)

Aftermath 2.1a Content Pack A

Aftermath 2.1a contains three new textures for the following
ships. These textures however may never appear in future
Aftermath releases:

-Ktinga (Klingon)

Also contained is two new maps for Death Match

-Siaraname System (made by AcidFluxxbass)


This pack can be placed onto any Aftermath or stock
Legacy installs, or even other mods just as long as you direct
the installer towards the desired location.


Siaraname is used on permission of AcidFluxxbass.

If you would like a particular part of STL: The Aftermath ranging from
interface, maps, missions, AI, physics etc please contact us directly by:


or by leaving a pm over at the STL: The Aftermath forums

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