Aftermath Add-on Pack B




The next add-on to Aftermath 2.0 is now released. Add-On Pack B contains textures for 6 ships, 4 of which are new. You will see new looks for the Defiant, Intrepid, Romulan Warbird and Heavy Defender aswell as updates to the Akira and Sovereign that were in the Add-on Pack A release*

There are also 4 new maps in the pack too. You get 3 brand new maps plus 1 map revision. The new maps are Ardana (4 players), Orion Nebula (4 players) and Ortegga (8 players). The revised map is Tygosia (updated lighting). All 4 maps are found in the Death Match mode.

Apart from textures and maps, we also have some new HUD elements too that are your first preview to how we will be completely changing the HUD (in-game interface). What you get are new photon and phaser reticles and a new radar element.

*Please note, to get the most of Pack B, it is recommended you have Pack A installed as two bits of work are linked to the Pack A release (Sovereign and Akira). Pack B does not contain the previous Pack A content.



Aftermath 2.1a Content Pack A

Aftermath 2.1b contains new textures for the following
ships. These textures will only be available in this
pack and a future recompile of Aftermath 2.0:

-Romulan Warbird
-Romulan Heavy Defender
-Intrepid (new bumps and specs)
-Akira (updated bumps)
-Sovereign (updated bumps)

This pack also contains new UI elements

-Photon reticle
-Phaser reticle

Also contained is three new maps for Death Match and one
map update

-Ardana (4 player map)
-Orion Nebula (4 player map)
-Ortegga (8 player map)
-Tygosia (map revision)


This pack can be placed onto any Aftermath or stock
Legacy installs, or even other mods just as long as you direct
the installer towards the desired location.


All content contained in this pack is created by the Aftermath Team.
The following members contributed to this pack in the following

-Trekky (UI elements, Intrepid Specs)
-Max Loef (Ardana and Orion Nebula maps, Intrepid Bumps)
-Tjoz (Warbird, Heavy Defender, Defiant, Akira, Sovereign, Ortegga and Tygosia maps)

If you would like a particular part of STL: The Aftermath ranging from
interface, maps, missions, AI, physics etc please contact us directly by:

or by leaving a pm over at the STL: The Aftermath forums


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