Aftermath Add-on Pack C

Punctual as always here is Aftermath's Christmas gift for you: An early Christmas present for everyone, Aftermath Add-on Pack C is...


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Punctual as always here is Aftermath's Christmas gift for you:

An early Christmas present for everyone, Aftermath Add-on Pack C is now ready for download!!

Our largest add-on yet (they keep getting bigger), Pack C contains a lot of new material to enter Aftermath. First up we have the first extensive overhaul of the ships starting with the TOS/TMP era's for all races. These changes not only affect all ships of that era, but also their weaponry has changed to provide a more challenging yet balanced battles throughout all areas of Aftermath.

Another new area introduced into Aftermath are new ships. Yes finally after well over a year we will start putting ships into Aftermath. All the ships that get placed in will come from Max Loef and will be fine tuned by Dontdrunkimshoot so they fit properly into Aftermath. For the first new additions, we have the Constant, Curry and Trident class ships available. Also included are model updates for the Proxima Refit, Miranda Refit and Akyazi class ships.

Our ENT era Klingons also got a new coat of paint too, they now look more industrial/grime warlike look to them which is a better representation of the Klingon race of that time. The Klingon ENT project are from IKS Yo Mama and were further enhanced in-house. Last of all we have one new Death Match map, Hypurial.

While the previous Aftermath releases mainly contained new Maps and Missions or also retextures of old ships, this is a kind of premiere, since they included new ships for the first time. If you didn't know that they've been created by maxloef to look exactly as the stock ships, you would not even notice that they are non-stock. The retextures of the Klingons also look really awesome and give them a fierce look and the new map of course keeps pace with the other Aftermath maps.

So don't hesitate to download this and have a great Christmas Eve.


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Download 'aftermathaddonpackc.exe' (22.82MB)

Aftermath 2.1c Content Pack C

Aftermath 2.1c contains new textures for the following
ships. These textures will only be available in this
pack and a future recompile of Aftermath 2.0:

-Klingon Stinger
-Klingon Predator
-Klingon K30
-Klingon ENT Raptor

The pack also contains new and updated ships

-Constant class
-Curry class
-Trident class
-TMP Proxima (model update)
-Apollo (model update)
-Miranda Refit (model update)

Also contained is one new map for Death Match

-Hypurial (4 players)


This pack can be placed onto any Aftermath or stock
Legacy installs, or even other mods just as long as you direct
the installer towards the desired location.


All content contained in this pack is created by the Aftermath Team.
The following members contributed to this pack in the following

-Dontdrunkimshoot (TOS/TMP rebalance, new ships balancing, TOS/TMP weapons overhaul)
-Max Loef (Constant, Curry and Trident class ships; Miranda Refit, Proxima Refit and Apollo re-models)
-Tjoz (K30 (bumps & specs), Stinger (bumps & specs), Predator (bumps & specs), Raptor (bumps & specs))
-IKS Yo Mama (K30 (normals & glows), Stinger (normals & glows), Raptor (normals & glows), Predator (normals & glows))

If you would like a particular part of STL: The Aftermath ranging from
interface, maps, missions, AI, physics etc please contact us directly by:

or by leaving a pm over at the STL: The Aftermath forums

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