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Something special for everyone, the first of two packs for February; Add-on Pack E.

This pack is a special once of pack as we will be having two packs instead of one for the month. Pack E contains nothing but new ships, 5 in total. What you get are the Apollo/Saladin (new model), Belknap, Glancer,Federation and the Federation Refit. The Apollo/Saladin is the first outing of the ship for Legacy. The other ships are Aftermath versions of Max Loef's TMP ship packs (released seperately to Aftermath and before Max joined the team).

There are also several file fix ups that relate to these ships, plus a temporary fix for the Miranda Refit issue (all missions related to this ship will be fixed for Pack F). Also this will be the first and last time some of the ships contained in this pack will be seen in their usual place in Aftermath. Those few ships will take on a different life later in the year...

You must have the January build of 2.0 or all the previous add-on packs for this to work.



Aftermath 2.0d Content Pack E

Aftermath 2.0e contains the following new ships. These
ships will only be available in this pack:

-Glancer class (Federation)
-Federation class (Federation)
-Federation Refit class (Federation)
-Apollo class (Federation)
-Belknap class (Federation)

Also included are several odf file edits for the Federation TMP
era ships.


This pack must be placed onto Aftermath installs that have all
previous packs (Add-ons A-D). This pack contains fixes for ships
introduced via those packs.


All content contained in this pack is created by the Aftermath Team.
The following members contributed to this pack in the following

-Max Loef (Glancer, Federation, Federation Refit, Apollo, Belknap class ships)
-Dontdrunkimshoot (odf work for the contained ships)
-Tjoz (odf work for the contained ships)

If you would like a particular part of STL: The Aftermath ranging from
interface, maps, missions, AI, physics etc please contact us directly by:

or by leaving a pm over at the STL: The Aftermath forums


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