Aftermath Add-on Pack F




Add-on Pack F is finally released!! We a bit late with this pack as some last minute issues arose with some of the other content that were suppose to be in the pack but they will be in the next one. Pack F is one of our smaller add-ons but it still holds a large amount of content.

Pack F contains a first outing for one of the 3 contained ships. This is the first time Max's Neptune class has been seen in Legacy. Max also has two other ships in this pack, the Charger and Challenger class ships for the TMP era. All of Max's ships have been worked into Aftermath by Dontdrunkimshoot. Also contained in the pack are new textures for the Norway, Nebula and Steamrunner class ships.

The pack also contains one new map, Tempest for Death Match mode. This map is an experimental map which showcases advanced map lighting techniques that will filter out across later releases. There will be more news on the Tempest map at the end of the month.

Also included are control key issues that were found. In earlier releases, certain code was left behind causing ship selection issues while in-game. This experimental code has been removed and hopefully frees up the bottleneck that was created.



Aftermath 2.0f Content Pack F

Aftermath 2.0f contains the following new ships. These
ships will only be available in this pack:

-Neptune class (Federation)
-Charger class (Federation)
-Challenger Refit class (Federation)

Included is an updated model of the following ships:

-Nebula class (Federation)

The following ships have been balanced:

-Akula (TOS and TMP)
-Apollo (TOS and TMP)
-Constitution (all versions)
-Enterprise C
-Federation (TOS & TMP)
-Miranda (TOS-TNG and all other versions)
-Proxima (TOS)

The following registries have been re-applied

-USS Hawaii
-USS Excelsior (non Refit)
-USS Melbourne
-USS Reliant
-USS Molokai
-USS Maui

Included is clean up code from Input.map

-Prototype code removed
-Ship select keys fixed

Included are the following maps:

-Tempest (Death Match, 6 players)


This pack must be placed onto Aftermath installs that have all
previous packs (Add-ons A-D). This pack contains fixes for ships
introduced via those packs.


All content contained in this pack is created by the Aftermath Team.
The following members contributed to this pack in the following

-Max Loef (Neptune, Charger, Challenger and Nebula (new hp config) class ships)
-Dontdrunkimshoot (odf work for the contained ships)
-Tjoz (Norway, Nebula and Steamrunner textures; input.map clean, registry linking, tempest map)

If you would like a particular part of STL: The Aftermath ranging from
interface, maps, missions, AI, physics etc please contact us directly by:

or by leaving a pm over at the STL: The Aftermath forums


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