Aftermath Add-on Packs A-D

All our Add-on Packs so far. From Add-on Pack A through to Add-on Pack D. You get new textures for the following ships:

Akira Defi...


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All our Add-on Packs so far. From Add-on Pack A through to Add-on Pack D. You get new textures for the following ships:

Akira Defiant Soveriegn Klingon Ktinga Warbird Heavy Defender Klingon Stinger Klingon Raptor K30 Stalker Negh Var Fortunate/Y class Romulan TOS Bird of Prey

Included are two new map backgrounds

Also included are the following new ships:

Constant class Curry class Trident class TMP Proxima (model update) Apollo (model update) Miranda Refit (model update) Terran Minuteman Terran Discovery Terran Daedalus

You get the following new maps

Sianarame System Yispen Ardana Orion Nebula Ortegga Tygosia (map revision) Hypurial Esphexis Adelphin

Interface elements New photon and phaser reticles New radar element

Alot of odf overhauls have gone in too ranging from the Terran ships right through to the first overhaul of ENT-TMP era's.

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Download 'aftermath_addon_packs_ad.exe' (48.13MB)

 	Aftermath Team


-J Picard
-Max Loef

-IKS Yo Mama

The Beta Testing team
New Gen


Acidrain (OPTG)
Gstaff (Bethesda)
Shannon Bailey (Bethesda)
Jigalypuff (Star-Trek-Games)
Tanara Azer
Rusty/Dagger (Combat Ace)
LtCdr (German translations)
Hellraizer (New Gen)
DawnofWar (New Gen)
Gdata (New Gen, German translations)
Chessmess (STGU, scripting template)
Mod DB
Legacy Files
Gamestar Magazine
Hailing Frequencies
CBS Consumer Products
Lord T


Star Trek Legacy developed and published by Maddoc Software and Bethesda
Zenimax 2006. All rights reserved.

Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Legacy, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager, Enterprise (and the various logo devices used in them)
are copyright Paramount Pictures/CBS Television, as are the characters,
related images, and sound from the productions.

All missions contained in all Aftermath releases are made using the Script
Tools developed by Bethesda Softworks. Additionally, all missions are based
off a script template (VS Template) from Chessmess and all our missions are
made as open source as per rules stated in use of the template and in use
of the Script Tools. Mission sources are found in the folder called
'Aftermath Mission Sources' located in the missions folder.


If you would like a particular part of STL: The Aftermath ranging from
interface, maps, missions, AI, physics etc please contact us directly by:

email: [email protected]

or by leaving a pm over at the STL: The Aftermath forums


created Sunday July 15, 2007
last edit Sunday September 07, 2008

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The Aftermath is the first mod of its kind, a hybrid mod unique in approach and creation. One part mod the other part tutorial, this mod not only offers a unique playing experience but also encour...

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