Archetype Class (Sovereign-X)



Starship Info: Length: 689 m Width: 322 m Height: 118 m Crew: 900 Missile Weapon Type: FQ-9zz (quantums) & Tri-Cobalt Number of Missile Ports: 8 Beam Weapon Type: HH-8 (Quantum Phasers) Type XV/15 Photon-Masers Number of Banks: 26 Warp Engine Type: Subspace Safe Advanced Warp System. M/ARA modulated Engines: 3 Cruising/Max Speeds: 7.5/9.7

Ship History: 2391 and the new technologies the federation had meant that a new testbed could be produced to test the enhanced systems. the soveriegn was chosen as it was structurably compatible and systems which were adaptive to the increased power flow.

I've been following this one on the forums for the past two weeks and the final product is a pretty decent mod. A co-operative effort by some modders this Sovereign-X looks quite cool ingame. The tri-nacelle arrangement is probally the best thing about this model, alot of tri-nacelle ships can look a bit top-heavy and disporportionate but this one still holds the sleak shape and appearance of the original Sovereign Class.

Overall, its a cool ship. :)




The ARCHETYPE Class (Sovereign-X)
Team Exxperience

NOTE: This mod may overwrite existing files.
WHAT IS THIS?: This is a ship which can be added to your Legacy Game.

Included comes one new ship class; The Archetype Class

PLEASE NOTE: The Ship Is not 100% cannon

- New kitbashed Sovvy Model
- Better Quality Texturing
- Bumps/Specs/Damge/Chunks
- 2 New Weapons

Download Times:
Dial Up (56kb/s) - 17 min
2mb broadband - 45 seconds

Copy files from folders to Legacy.

Copy all *.dds in folder to: Legacy>Textures>DDS*
Copy all *.m3d files in folder to: Legacy>m3d
Copy all *.odf files in folder to: Legacy>odf>ships

The mod has been tested successfully on stock, ultimate universe and aftermath.
There should be no trouble playing as files included that the ships use are stock

delete/rename the file db.pak in your game directory, unless you have Trek Battles/UUmod 

Model: P81
Kitbashed By: Jeddy
Retextured By: Acid Fluxx Bass
Hardpointed By: Jeddy
Odf&apos;s by: Acid Fluxx Bass, TJ_Hawk & Jeddy
In Game Features: Acid Fluxx Bass
Beta Tested: Jeddy

NOTE: We cannot be held responsible if any damage is done to your game. By installing, you are accepting all risks of the addon.
Mad Doc Or Bethsda Works do not own this ship. The ship was kitbashed using a ship provided freely for this purpose by Totally Games on the Bridge Commander Filefront.

We thanks Bethesda and Mad Doc for creating the modable game. I (Acid Fluxx bass) would like to thank my team. We are a great bunch and I hope we produce some great mods as Team Exxperience.

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