Assimilated Klingon D-7

Most Klingon ships could be described as quite clumsy in movement but with heavy armourments to compensate - this download defies the rules...


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Most Klingon ships could be described as quite clumsy in movement but with heavy armourments to compensate - this download defies the rules as we bring you here today what once was the pride of the Klingon fleet - the D-7 class, but with a twist - it's been assimilated and most would say upgraded. I am hesitant to say all would say it's been upgraded as the weapons available with this ship aren't spectacular, having said that, it's a very versatile vessel as it is able to hold its ground very well due to its strong shields - able to regenerate pretty quickly too! (I should think so too - Borg!) The texture work really does show that this once was a Klingon vessel but has now been transformed, I have no complaints and only praise for that aspect and also shows that a little retexture goes a long way (especially for credit in the Filefront review ;))! The retexturing was completed solely by the ship author and I for one think that he should be quite satisfied with the result! Credit goes to Miri for the chunks.

Overall this isn't a typical 'Oh I've been upgraded with Borg technology therefore it's acceptable to be classed as a god ship' - it's a sensible facsimile of what I believe to be an accurate representation of what a D-7 would be like - both visually and in terms of what weapons are available - remember that the D7 isn't a new kid on the block! I also believe that it's quite apt that the shield and hull versatility is strong - Klingon ships are robust and can handle well in a fight - given that this ship has Borg improvements, that statement is even more-so proven.

Excellent work ganodorf!

Note. The author has tested this mod on Ultimate Universe only - I tried it on both that and Stock Legacy and both worked equally well


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Assimilated D-7

Nickname:	ganondorf2002
Email:		bgaines1 AT COX DOT net


	This is an assimilated version of the D-7 (Klingon).
	It features both borg and updated Klingon weapons.
	This ship is set to the Klingon race, but if you want
	to change that just simply change the race name in the 
	odf ship file.


	Copy the files into the corosponding folders in Legacy.  
	Remember to remove the db. pak prior to playing.


	This has only been tested on the Ultimate Universe mod.


	I'd like to thank Miri for creating the chunks for this ship.
	All of the retexturing was done by my self.  This ship is not 
	to be added to any mod for public release.

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