Assimilated Planets Pack



This mod is called Assimilated Planets Pack. I did not make this mod. I wish I can tell who made this, but I was unable to find out. If anyone does know who the creator was, please let me know and I'll credit him or her. The Assimilated Planets Pack is a mod that adds some Borg assimilated planets and a few experimental planets the author made. I downloaded this from FileFront before it shut down and I couldn't find this anywhere else. So I thought it would be proper to restore this lost treasure for the Star Trek Legacy Community! Enjoy! Screenshots were taken by me.

I couldn't find an archived website page for this one, but I found it listed among other mods, so have a peek into history if you want...


The README is the author's.



We don't get very many planet mods, so I decided to make a few assimilated planets.
to me they seem similar to the assimilated earth out of star trek VIII: first contact.

To use these planets in any customised solar system (i.e. using map editor)
you must have star trek legacy UU 2.0.

you'll find the assimilated planets under: "class L" & "Class K" & "classM"

BE WARNED: NO other STL mod will accept these parrameters for these planets 
EVEN if you edit the odf files.

P.s. i also added a few experimental planets see if you can spot them :P

Heres how to install

1) open up your Star trek legacy directory (mostlikely called:
program files/bethesda softworks/star trek legacy)

2) copy and paste the file named "odf" into this directory

3) check to see if the borg/assimilated planets appear in the editor menus 
of your game

4) make a system that includes some of these planets

5) enjoy :D

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