Asteroid Pack (1.0) by Kophjaeger



This is called "Asteroid Pack (1.0)" and was made by Kophjaeger. I did not make this. I downloaded this mod from FileFront many years ago before it shut down. I could not find this here or anywhere else, so I reuploaded it for others to enjoy. If this mod is already on this site, or if the author wants to reupload his/her mod here, I'll take it down. Screenshots taken by me.

I also managed to find an archived website page from the WayBackMachine if you're interested in looking back at history: https://web.archive.org/web/20130511004152/http://legacy.filefront.com/file/Asteroid_Pack;116331

There was no ReadMe in the original file, but here is the author's description I found from the archived page:

                                                                      *                               *                            *


Copy the file folders into your Star Trek Legacy directory and merge. The (Optional) folder includes menu modifications to your "ej_aster.odf" for you map editor that links the new asteroid menus. If you are not using stock you will need to add the "edit_rings.odf" line to the bottom of your "ej_aster.odf" menu (or whatever your asteroid menu file is).


These are completely home made, so no credits are needed.


Distribute as you please. I only ask that you include me in your credits.


I am not distributing this mod for profit or in any relationship that would impinge upon Bethesda or Mad-Doc software. I am not responsible for any damages this mod makes to your installation, however, since this is a completely new kind of mod, there should be none.

Any comments questions or concerns please contact me at [email protected].


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