ATC Rogue's Screenshot Pack



This is a cool screenpack from ATC Rogue. This pack includes a wide assortment of screenshots which include some modded ships and the TEM.. If you like some pics for your desktop then have a look at a few of these cool images! :cool:




This is my first screenshot pack and my first file to be sent into STLegacyfiles.com. I hope you enjoy these shots. Please give me any feedback good or bad as I want to improve my skills and get better shots.

Special thanks goes out to the following for their contribution and superb skill in bringing these mods and addons to ST Legacy and the public.

Prometheus Class MOD 4.0 by nEw-GEN Mods

Credits: nEw-Gen Mods, gdata, yopyop, Nixon, Gtea, FTB, Sneaker98

X304 MOD 1.0 by RazielXVX


BC Developer: Dave975 + DKealt

All thanks to Dave975 + DKealt for the awesome Stargate Ship Pack!

Federation Texture Fixes & Federation Registry Replacement

Authors: Moonraker and Mark (aka Ignis)

Credits: CG

Borg Retexture Pack & Intrepid Retexture by Sovereign001

Community Mod v0.4

Credits - Gal, Sural Argonus, Lacutis, Moonraker and Mark (aka Ignis), Mad Doc Software.

P$YCH0's "Tactical Enhancement Mod"

Credits - Drh1589, Wes Janson, Nano, Dkealt, Durandal, Alexraptor, Lacutis, Gal, P$YCH0.

I don't think I've missed anyone out that is due credit for outstanding work but if I have then please let me know and I'll correct my mistake.

ATC Rogue (Northern Rogue) 
Email - [email protected]

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