Battlefront is a four mission pack from Zube1337, a first mod from Zube too. This is a pretty impressive four mission battlefest, cre...


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Battlefront is a four mission pack from Zube1337, a first mod from Zube too. This is a pretty impressive four mission battlefest, created using the UU Mod, so that is a requirement. Here is a rundown of each mission;

Battlefront 1 is a tough mission. The Cardassians have a large military installation in a star system with one planet, as do the Romulans..oops, Gul Idiot didn't look at the proper starcharts when selecting a location for our base :). There are alot of Romulans and Cardassians in this. Romulans are well armed. They have a Starbase and a shipyard to fall back on. Their fleet is quite impressive - 3 D'Deridex Warbirds, 2 Norexan Warbirds and 3 TalShiar Warbirds. The mercurial Starfleet have 4 Excelsior Refits, 2 Galaxy's (one of which is a hero ship), 2 Ambassadors and the Enterprise-E. The Cardassians are tough in this one, the have around 18 turrets, 2 starbases, 3 drydocks, 2 shipyards, 3 Keldons and 2 Galors. There is also the Jem'Hadar Super Carrier Class and the Omega Power Sphere thrown in there for anyone who wishes to get pawned.

Battlefront 2 is a mission situated in a twin star system with 3 desert planets, a class M and two moons.. There is also an asteroid field in system to make things difficult. This is a Federation vs Dominion/Cardassian Mission. The Cardassians have a Starbase and a few turrets backed up by a Dominion Battleship. The defence squadron comprises of 4 Galor Class Destroyer. Starfleet also have a presence there, a few Norways, a few Excelsiors, an Ambassador and an Akira. Station wise there are 4 Starfleet turrets, sensor posts and a command post.. Odds slightly with Starfleet on this

Battlefront 3 is a mission which confused me a bit. You've got your Cardassian turrets, starbase and a Galor. 3 Dominion Transports and 3 Federation Nebula Class cessels. But then there is a range of Ent ships too - 3 NX classes, 2 yorktowns and T'Uerell.. Somebody's been messing with the timeline again ;) There are a few Klingons here too to make the battle that bit more interesting, not the best of the four but still good.

Battlefront 4is a full on Dominion War mission. 8 Hutets, 4 Intrepids, 3 Akiras, 2 Ambassadors, 2 Negh'vars, 2 Jem'Hadar Super Carriers, 2 Dominion Heavy Carrier, 2 Hideki's, 3 Jem'Hadar bugs, a Breen dreadnought, a Mnemosyne Class, a Galaxy Class, 3 Centaurs, 3 Excelsiors, 3 Mirands and some Federation bases.. in other words a major Dominion War scrap!

The screenshots may not look hot but thats due to low game settings to allow for the sheer amount of ships in each map which will cause lag. All-in-all, a pretty decent mod for a first one.. Let's hope we get more missions and maps from Zube!


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Download 'stluum_battlefront.rar' (4.1MB)

This was all created by me.

This is only compatible to UltimateUniverseMod

Please read the readme.txt after you install the materials,edit the Originalmission.xml to the following links or code in the install readme.txt

Done by:Zube1337

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