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Zube brings us another cool map and this one is a newer version of his Borg Sun...


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Zube brings us another cool map and this one is a newer version of his Borg Sun Map. The map is still a 4 player deathmatch map, however there are some changes to this version. There is an added Nebula to the map, also the shipyard is inaccessible due to its proximity to the planet, while the spawn points of the ships are now infront of the shipyards rather than behind the shipyard.

All-in-all its not bad.


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Download 'bs_v2.rar' (12KB)

Email - [email protected]
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Last version,shipyards are inaccessible and starbase destroyed so easily.
Spawn point are infront of the stations so it is not very inconvenient.Also
the places of the stations are different for several teams.Add more asteroids
so the battle around the sun will have an advantage.Add one nebula to enhance
the ambient of the game.


Drag the necessary items in your legacy folder or directory.


You have taken all risky risk.So if anything happen to your game(damage or corrupted),it is not my fault.You ensure responsible to the game not by me.
You may used it but please asked me first before proceeding,email address
is on top.

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