Breen Dreadnought

Wow! Here is a site for sore eyes, the Breen Dreadnought. This beauty ported by Phoenix and originally designed by Redragon fo...


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Wow! Here is a site for sore eyes, the Breen Dreadnought. This beauty ported by Phoenix and originally designed by Redragon for Bridge Commander is released as a teaser for Phoenix's upcoming mod pack the Ultimate Universe: Ultimate Dominion. The vessel is quite formidable in Legacy and looks awe-inspiring when you're cruising through space crushing Federation hulls:p. The textures and specs have been redone by Phoenix to suit Legacy's graphics and the quality is excellent, especially the texture detail.

One minor point to note is this comes with stock Legacy weapons instead of Breen Weapons but Phoenix will have the Breen weapons sorted out on this monster by the time of the UU Ultimate Dominion release.

In short, this Dreadnought is a serious scrapper in battle and should be downloaded a.s.a.p :cool:

Note: As ever with other race ships you'll need the all important Cungi's New Race Mod to get this to work

Enjoy :thumbsup: - IKS

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Download 'breendn.rar' (4.65MB)

Phoenix Mod's & The Ultimate Universe
   A Dominion Alliance Production
	*Breen DreadNought*

Greetings!  Tim Bondi aka Phoenix here.  
Here is a sneak peek to the Ultimate Universe's Next Addon pack, !!THE ULTIMATE DOMINION ALLIANCE!! This is my first SINGLE ship download just to give you a taste of things to come, This is the Breen DreadNought, just one of the many new ships to come in the addon. You dont need the Ultimate Universe to use This ship just make sure you have the Race addon found on this web site, Link below;76572 (or any newer one since then)

You may Change the ODF to suit your Race Compatabilty needs

At this point in time this ship has stock Legacy weapons BUT in the Dominion Alliance PACK for UU
it has its own weapons and belive me, They are something to drool over, so a very big thanks 
to MaxLoef for the new weapons.


Mesh = Reddragon; Fix's Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Textures = Reddragon; Fix's by Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Specular maps = Reddragon; Fix's by Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Bump Maps = Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Glows/alpha Chanels = Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Damage Mesh = Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Hardpoints = Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*

if you have any question pls contact me at
[email protected]

also visit our web site's

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