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Here we have a segment of the once anticipated Dominion Alliance modification pack – the Breen Fleet! It is now my understanding that...


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Here we have a segment of the once anticipated Dominion Alliance modification pack – the Breen Fleet! It is now my understanding that the modification has been broken down in to smaller segments with a possible larger pack at the end encompassing them all. Included within this download is the scout class all the way to the dreadnought class with all the classes in-between! Each of these ships follows a similar style, much like any other Star Trek race, however this is to no detriment - the quality of texturing is astounding, smooth lines and a metallic finish go a long way in the Star Trek Universe! :P . The dreadnought is by far the largest of the vessels included. With its size comes a heavy arsenal - a single primary weapon burst is enough to completely obliterate a scout’s shields and severely damage a light cruiser’s. Each of the other ships included is more than a match for another race’s counterpart. In addition to each class having an impressive array of weaponry, the shield and hull damage quotas are impressive. Each vessel can hold out well in a fight but still inflict heavy damage. The smaller vessels are difficult to out-manoeuvre making them perfect military aid in combination with one of the larger vessels.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed by this small, but quality modification and I look forward to pack 2 – the Cardassians!

Note. This modification has been designed with the stock Legacy player in-mind and as such, gdata or Cungi’s new races modification is required. When installed, these ships can be found under the “dominion” race. Additionally, should you have the original dominion alliance pack containing the Breen ships, this download will override them - upgradeable.


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Download 'thebreen.exe' (3.74MB)

     Phoenix Presents
A Dominion Alliance Production
       *The Breen*

Greetings! Tim Bondi aka Phoenix here. 
Here is my full Breen race ship pack I made for the Ultimate Universe. But now the !!DOMINION ALLIANCE!! as promised *ages ago* has finaly arrived for your Stock run of the mill Star Trek Legacy Game, THe Dominion Alliance will start again from scratch as of now, this is my first one so all my old ones u can dissregard. All ships in the 3 part set *maybe more when I do more ships* contain:

New Weapons Sprites 
Spec Maps
Bump Maps
and unlike all my old work

You may Change the ODF to suit your Race Compatabilty needs
but maynot use this in any mod with out express permission from myself


Mesh's = Reddragon; Fix's Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Textures's = Reddragon; Fix's by Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Specular map's = Reddragon; Fix's by Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Bump Map's = Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Glows/alpha Chanels = Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Damage Mesh's = Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
Hardpoint's = Tim Bondi *AKA PHOENIX*
All Weapons/Sprite's = MaxLoef from Ultimate Universe Mod

if you have any question pls contact me at
[email protected]

also visit our web site's

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