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This is the Canon Romulan BoP mod. This weapon/ODF mod is a improvement for the TOS Romulan Bird of Prey's Plasma Torpedo and general ship...


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This is the Canon Romulan BoP mod. This weapon/ODF mod is a improvement for the TOS Romulan Bird of Prey's Plasma Torpedo and general ship subsystems. This torpedo replacement changes the Romulan BoP's torpedo to the red torpedo seen used by the Romulans in "Balance of Terror". Also included in this mod is an ODF change for the Romulan Bird of Prey which makes the ship the same as the "Canon" BoP from "Balance of Terror" i.e. phaser-less and disruptor-less save only the torpedo, gives it a permanent cloak and has no warp drive (the lack of warp drive for the BoP's has been a long debate and has divided Fandom so this feature being canon is up to you).

Not a bad mod, small but useful :)

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How many people have been irritated by the lack of canon-ness in the Romulan Bird of Prey for the TOS era? 
I was, so I acted on it. Inspired by Annuc8 & His/Her weapon Sprite file with its "PLASMA Torpedo" file, I have
come up with a new ship & weapon for the TOS era: a FAR more canon version of the BOP and its accompaning weapon.

This version will not overwrite, except perhaps the "PlasmaTorp_red" file taken from (NOT ACTUALLY CHANGED!) 
Annuc8s "mr_weapon_sprites", an EXCELLANT download, which I have included JIC, anything. 

The New Bird of prey Has:

			1. NO WARP DRIVE. "Shes Simple Impulse, Captain."
			2. No Phasers/disrupters. (With her almost godly torpedo, it would be too powerful)
			3. A single torpedo, the only weapon, mounted in the front
			4. My Permanent Cloak

I have set this ship as a federation vessel, but that can be changed easily. Simply go to the ship odf, and 
where it says "federation" change to "romulan". 

To Install:

1. Download the files (Obviously)
2. Copy the file "plasmatorp_red" into Textures/DDS
3. Copy the text from "Sprite_Addon" to a new line in "Sprites/Weapons", 
	or whichever weapon file you use in sprites.
4. Copy "gCloak_p" into the ODF/SpecialWeapons file
5. Copy "Canon_BOP(R)" into ODF/Ships
6. Copy "Canon_PT_ORD" & "Canon_Romulan_PT" into the ODF/Weapons/Photons

Thats It. Sorry, Nuclear Missles not included.

Jolan Trou.


This mod was produced solely by me. The texture, itself is the sole work of the most amazing Annuc8. This has been
designed & written on a computer without Aftermath, Ultimate Universe, or any other large conversion, thus I 
CANNOT vouch for it when used with any of them. this mod is not endorsed by Mad Dog or Bathesda. If this screws 
up your computer, I apologize, but the blame lies on you, the downloader (altough that should not be a problem
if you insert this right.) I don't care if this mod is used in any capacity, as long as the fact that it is 
my work at least appears once. It would also be necssary to mention Annuc8, without whom this would not exist.

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