Daedalus NX Prototype



Introducing the Daedalus Class NX Prototype, the predecessor of the TOS era vessel of the same class. This is a very craftily done ship which fits well with the ENT era ship design scheme. Cungi is back with some great texturing with this vessel which was supposed to be in the next version of TGL but didn't make the cut. Even though it's now stand-alone it is definately worth downloading. Great work ;)

Note: Read the Readme to get instructions in order to get the TLG version of the Daedalus to work



Daedalus NX Prototype

This ship was intended to be used in The Legendary Generations Mod. However it was decided that it would not be used as it is not canon.
So I thought i'd release it rather than let it go to waste on my hard drive

This file contains 2 odfs. 1 for most versions of Legacy and 1 for TLG Legacy. To get the Tlg version working just rename the odf file to F_Daedalus NX
It will NOT replace any ships

This mod has been tested in unmodded Legacy V1.2 and TLG2.2
Put the contents of these folders into their corresponding folders in C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy
Rename the db.pak file to db.packBACKUP

This ship is a retextured and hex edited version of the stock ship. If you want to use this in
your mod, please ask permission

Hope you enjoy

E-mail me at cungi79atgmaildotcom


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