Dark Matter Nebula

Map name: 'Dark Matter Nebula' Map type: Deathmatch & Planet Conquer Number of players: 4 Requirements: None - Pure compati...


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File Description

Map name: 'Dark Matter Nebula' Map type: Deathmatch & Planet Conquer Number of players: 4 Requirements: None - Pure compatibility Spawn-points: 4

Map Description

This map is compatible with all:- It doesn't slow your computer down, it is large but I made the nebula less dense; I think this will be good. The gameplay is also good - Your opponent may hit warp dampening or mutara nebula - It may be just your chance to maybe destroy them!!

Main Map elements:

The map contains the following space phenomena: 1x Mixture of nebulae (Mutara is the main composition), 1x 'Dark Matter moon'

As per usual, I tested this map using my fleet of Galaxy classes, they fly around gracefully with no stuttering of the game at all - for such a large nebula, that's quite impressive. The colors are all different shades of blue and purple, mixed together to make something, when viewed inside or out is simply quite beautiful. The map contains a perimeter of open space, allowing you to exit the nebula, engage warp and fall back! I personally prefer to fight to the death inside the nebula as my opponents cannot escape due to the warp-dampening effects of the nebula itself! This map shall be remaining in my collection!

Please note. Depending on which version or modification you are using (Legacy), the nebula may differ. For example, the screenshots shown here are a lot darker (I believe the author is using UU to show you) but if you use Stock Legacy (like me for testing) the nebula will be a lot lighter! - I found that when a screenshot is taken it's much darker than it actually is (added last), when in-game, the blue is a lot lighter!


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Download 'darknebula_file0124051.rar' (1.62MB)

The map I design will not lag the game.But if your computer is too slow,set the graphic setting to low level.

If you want to create a mod or distribute the map to other sites,please contact me.Copying is a bad thing to do.

Contact me at zube1337@hotmail.com

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