DeathMatch Map - Open Space



This is a DM map in Open Space for realistic fast pitched battles. It doesn't contain any stellar objects which are a strain on lower end machines. It is a good map which allows for direct straight forward dog-fighting although the lack of stellar objects doesn't allow smaller ships to hide or escape from bigger capital ships. Still it's a nice map especially if you want to knock the trilithium out of someone!



Star Trek: Legacy™ 
Map - Open Space (DM)

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1. General Information

This map makes you able to fight skirmish battles in open space. 
There is nothing spectecular. So what is the point of this map, you might ask.

- All "Star Trek: Legacy™"-maps your floodes with nebulas and planets, which is very unrealistc.
- Most battles in all "Star Trek" series take place in open space, which most of our galaxy is.
- Many people have FPS-problems on the standart maps. This one allows your FPS to raise drastically.

2. Installation

Copy the file "dmopenspace.sol" into the "Sol" directory in your installation folder, thats it.


Made by DareGore

Report problems or bugs to [email protected]

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