Defiant Pulse Phaser Sound Replacement



This addon is a replacement for the sound of the Defiant's Pulse Phasers.. The sound that this mod produces is more akin to the later version of the Pulse Phaser from the later seasons of DS9..as opposed to the sound of the phaser in earlier episodes such as "The Search". Nice little addition which sounds like the Armada version of the Pulse Phaser, whether you deem it better audio than the stock audio is entirely up to you.



Name: Defiant Class Pulse Phaser Sound Replacement Mod
Author: Dauntless_Venerator2
Version: 1.0
Note: Mod tested and working

Important Notes: 

1. A backup copy of the following files has been provided, 
they are located in the your game directory:

"C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy\sounds\effects"

The backed up wav files:

"Copy of ST_WEA_FED_Defiant_Pulse_1.wav"
"Copy of ST_WEA_FED_Defiant_Pulse_2.wav"

2. If in any case you want the original pulse phaser sounds back, delete
the following from the effects folder:


and rename the backed up wav files by removing "Copy of" from the name
of the wav files.

Installation Instructions:

You may follow one of the basic instructions below or yours.

1. Extract or Unzip into your main game directory (eg. C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy).


2. Extract or Unzip into a temporary folder and then copy the folders and paste into main game directory 
(eg. C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy).

Short description:

This mod replaces the default pulse phaser sound of the Defiant Class 
starship into the pulse phaser sound similar to the later episodes 
of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.



Thank you.

Special Thanks to:

Many thanks to Bill Simpson and Mark (aka Ignis) for their NX-01
retexture mods.

Many thanks to Mark/Ignis and Moonraker's Multi-era high res 
fed registrey pack (high/normal)

Many thanks to Rogue Vulcan for his Excelsior Class - Lakota Refit 
ship mod.

Many thanks to 1/9AirCav for his excellent Terran Retexture for 
the NX class.

LegacyFiles for everything.

Legal Stuff:

Star Trek and all related materials are the property of Paramount.

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