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"Shields are down!" "We have hull breeches on decks 2, 3 and 4! - Familiar sounds aboard the U.S.S. Defiant in Deep Space Nine.



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"Shields are down!" "We have hull breeches on decks 2, 3 and 4! - Familiar sounds aboard the U.S.S. Defiant in Deep Space Nine.

With this download, you won't be worrying about hull damage you'll be inflicting it! This Defiant upgrade verges very closely on the god ship boarder but its hull brings it back down to acceptable limits.

The author has decided to ditch the pulse phasers and replace them with traditional phaser arrays - approximately 6 are mounted on the front of the vessel. The download also includes a Quantum torpedo variant (which doesn't replace the original) that sure packs a punch! One torpedo is enough to bring a heavy cruiser's shields down to almost nothing; the second will remove the lasting shield strength and deal a crippling blow to their hull integrity.

I really did have fun playing with this download and what's more, it doesn't replace the original Defiant - so smiles all round! This is Andyx100's first mod here on Legacy files having made some already for the Armada series - congratulations and well done on a superb download! :thumbsup:


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This new defiant does'nt replace original defiant.

This is the second version of my upgraded defient as i didnt realise until after i 
had sent my defiant that i forgot to add the new upgraded photon in the file

This mod includes the stock defiant with a few upgrades,

1. I have created a new file for the defiant that gives it the ability to go 3 times as 
fast as the original defiant.
2. I have taken off the pulse phasers as they hardly did any 
damage and replaced them with type 10 phasers i have created a new type 
alpha phased torpedoes that can go through shields and destroy 
most ships in 2 or 3 shots.
3. I have also tweaked the odf file to give it more power and faster regenerative 

This is in no way licensed by Bethesda software or Ubisoft.

My Disclaimer: 
If you wish to use any parts of my mods in your own then please just give 
me credit for that part of your mod.

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