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This is the Delta Class, a future advanced Federation Destroyer, created by Coolguyli27 that has appeared in the Ultimate Universe mo...


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This is the Delta Class, a future advanced Federation Destroyer, created by Coolguyli27 that has appeared in the Ultimate Universe mod but now is available as a single download. This is one of my favourite ships in the UU Mod and thankfully it is now available as a single ship...why? Well for one, this ship is a bargain for 2.2 Mbs :D, seriously it has a very sleek and streamlined design. Due to it's design and shape, the ship has no real outstanding vulnerablities or visibile structural weak spots which fits into it's designation as a warship. The ship looks based on the Incursion and Defiant Class designs, thus both ships could be denoted as foreruners to this ship. Almost everything about this ship is excellent, it's design, shape, and texturing. Also it is consistent with other ships Coolguyli has done in terms of it's look and feel. The only real nitpick is it is a bit overpowered but I found that not really an issue as it is supposed to be a warship of the early 25th century..and anyway, a simple ODF change can remedy that problem

It's good to see coolguyli/longisland releasing some of his work individually again, I have always enjoyed the ships he has come up with. Hopefully we can see more from him. Great work :rock:

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Download '' (2.14MB)

***********Delta Class ver 2.0***********

Originally released in the Ultimate Universe Mod, the Delta Class is a possible early 25th Century
predecessor to the Defiant Class...Small and powerful she was designed and built for one thing..WAR!!!

I know this ship seems over powered but it was meant to be that please I don't want any e-mails
about changing the stats....if it is you desire to change the stats you may do so on your own but please 
do not redistribute with out my permission.....

To install: 
Open C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy

Cut and paste all folders into folder.

That's it. you will be able to select the ship in skirmish mode 
as a Federation Ship in TNG era.


4 forward Quantum torpedo launcher and 2 rear photon launchers.
2 forward pulse cannons


TEXTURES AND MODEL BY Coolguyli27 (A.K.A longisland26)

special thanks to Moonraker for his exporter and Chris Jones for Supporting my work..

This file contains an original model and textures. please ask for 
permission before redistribution.

Have fun and enjoy
Coolguyli27 (e-mail Coolguyli25 AT aol DOT com)

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