Dominion Alliance Ship Pack Part1

The Dominion have arrived, well some of them (its only part 1 remember) ! It's about time the Dominion began to get some representation her...


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The Dominion have arrived, well some of them (its only part 1 remember) ! It's about time the Dominion began to get some representation here and it is good representation at that. The models are good quality, with specular glows, bump maps and lightmaps. The Hardpoints are a bit off, and there is no seperate audio for the Dominion.. However take into consideration this is only a beta so don't go too hard on it. ;)

The New Races Mod is also required for this to run -;76572

Note: A seperate Fix is included in the file so it's best to unpack that with the rest of the files!

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Download 'dominion_alliance_ships_part_1_.rar' (3.71MB)


Title: 		Dominion Alliance Ship Pack Part1
Version: 		0.5 Beta
Date: 		18 March 2007
Author: 		Tim Bondi
Credits:		Moonraker for the milkshape m3d exporter
		Psycho for teaching me how to use the m3d export + Hardpoints
		9 of 9 for the Original Models *9 of 9 has done most of the work, these are bc ports*

Description of the Mod File

Cardassian Galor Class
Jemhaddar Attack Vessle *Dominion Bug*

Quick Message From Me:

First off thanks for downloading this pack, this is pack 1 of 4 and i will also release one final one with all ships, weapons, sounds and texuters into one file. but as i am still in testing i have decided to release the first 2 to be Semi complete.
the ships include their ship icon, Bump Maps, Spec Maps and warp glows, i have worked with these 2 mesh's by 9 of 9 and all original work was done by him, i have cleaned the mesh's a little *and i mean a little lol* and i have revamped the textures and added extra parts to it, any feed back is welcome at this time, *Mainly firing locations as i had no where to find where the ship's fired from.* in updated release's more ship names will be added, Voice's, Weapons and damage will be added.
pls besure to download the new races addon from legacy files......> link as follow's;76572

Contact Information:
Tim Bondi AKA Phoenixfett / Killfactor
email: [email protected]


Unzip the files into your startrek Legacy folder, these shouldnt overwrite any other ships, but always
keep a back up just in case

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Leagacy, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Please ask me for permission to re use these in any mod package or sample 

once again 
Thanks and enjoy this pack!!!

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