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This is the first Beta Release for the mods mentioned in the Mod Conve...


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This is the first Beta Release for the mods mentioned in the [news=";31090"]Mod Conversion News Item[/news].

Note: This is a Beta release, This is not final working version, therefore all Positive Feeback is welcomed

This mod is the Dominion Battleship from the greatly lauded and famous Armada 2 Total Conversion Mod - FleetOps. I really can't say much about how it handles because it is a beta release but the Ship uses the Romulan Warbird physics and even though it needs to have it's textures and hardpoints remedied it still is a promising mod

Reported Bugs: The Icons are not transfered over successfully, hence there is no ship icon in the HUD Display. The hardpoints aren't configured correctly but the author assures us that they are a work in progress.

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This is a Dominion ship converted from sod to m3d. This is a working version.
The icons are not transfered over the map and ship icon. I am still working on this.
However, The ship flies off the Romulan Warbird physics. 

- Place the M3D file in the M3D Folder
- Place the ODF file in the ODF folder
- Place textures/RGB in the textures/RGB

I am working on figuring out the hardpoints for the rear weapons. 

Credits to:
Author: FleetOps Team
© 2003-2004 DOCa Cola.
Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures.© and TM Activision, Inc. All rights reserved.

Conversion Credits below to:

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