Dominion Battleship



Well well...:), this is Capt Settlemire's updated version of his Dominion Mod ported over from FleetOps. This ship is much more formidable than the beta version, and has sleaker textured blue phasers and is mounted with an extra pulse phaser. The ship is much faster and has it's strenght increased from the first version though still runs on the Romulan Battleship physics so it still has a realistic feel to it. It seems Capt Settlemire has got the hardpoints for the weapons spot on this time around as the weapons placement is good. Although the Borg texture on the "Port" wing of the Battleship looks strange to say the least!



Version 2 with new weapons

This is a Dominion ship converted from sod to m3d. This is a working version.
The icons are not transfered over the map and ship icon. I am still working on this.
However, The ship flies off the Romulan Warbird physics. 

This ship is quite nice with a combination of blue phasers and pulse phasers. If you get a fleet of 4 of these puppies against the borg. 
It will up the chanllenge with the borg. The weapons placements/Hardpoints are very accurate. This ship is a bit faster than the older version. 
Version 2 will blow Version 1 out of the water. I also increased the strength. This also includes the ICONs for HUD display. Enjoy!

- Place the M3D file in the M3D Folder
- Place the ODF file in the ODF folder
- Place textures/RGB in the textures/RGB

Credits to:
Author: FleetOps Team
Publisher: http://www.fleetops.net
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