Map name: 'Dorenoes-D" Map type: Deathmatch Number of players: 4 Requirements: Tested on KOL+ - author notes that it will w...


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Map name: 'Dorenoes-D" Map type: Deathmatch Number of players: 4 Requirements: Tested on KOL+ - author notes that it will work on any version.

Map Description:

This is another Big Four player map that is fun to fight in and explore. There are Working wormholes, star bases and other fun stuff to discover while exploring and fighting your way through the map. Have fun finding map objects in interesting places.

Map elements: The map consists of a large federation outpost with numerous space-structures which are hidden away by shadowing moons, planets and asteroids. Dotted around the map are various different planets, some of which you own. Dividing up the map is a large mutara nebula - deadly to any kind of starship - Whilst Kathryn Janeway was dammed if she was gonna be stopped by a nebula, this one is a little smaller, and won't take years to go around it :)

Whilst this map isn't as visually fetching in my opinion when compared to others which have come through our way lately, it is far superior in terms of item placement. The map has numerous places for you to retreat to if you've been damaged as many areas are warp-dampening! As the author notes, there are many different objects which you'll find around this map - adds to the overall experience, space isn't all about shooting at other people ya'know! - Good work Ayesu! :)


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Download '' (2.36MB)

This is just a simple map file.  All you have to do to install this is drag and prop the file named "DORENOES-d.sol" in to the "sol" folder in the legacy directory.

This is a Large map you can have up to 4 players on and they all start is different corners of the Map.  

Just a note that most maps will have you start at the middle of the map as far as the "X" and "Y" axis go.  Player one will start near the very bottom of the map and Player two will start near the top.  

Note 2:  Right around the star bases of player one there is worm hole that will take you back and forth towards the top of the map near player two. The worm holes are also a nice way to get around the map quickly, to launch sneak attacks and to make quick escapes. The worm holes graphics are smoother with the new"Keys of Legacy 1.0" download that was recently posted but they will work on any version of legacy.

Please have fun exploring this map. I tried to put interesting things in it both far and wide and high and low.

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