Early NX01



It's not phasers, it's phase cannons, it's not photons, it's just...erm, torpedoes? - The NX-01, the early years. This download will take back the NX-01 to a time where it was first launched (i.e. Season 1). The author has included new torpedo textures and has made other visual improvements as well. Also included is an updated ODF file.




Author: dannyp61
Email: [email protected]


This is the NX-01 as it was in the earlier episodes of Enterprise. It has two forward
and one aft phasers and I modified one of the photon textures to look like the photons
from the early episodes as well, but you can't really see them in game since they don't 


Copy files from folders to legacy.
Copy the M3D file to Legacy/M3D
Copy the odf file to Legacy/odf/...
Copy the DDS files to Legacy/Textures/DDS

NOTE: I cannot be held responsible if any damage is done to your game. By installing the 
Nx-01 you are accepting all risks of the addon.


If you would like to use this, please e-mail me and tell me what you would like to use it
for. I will almost certainly say yes.

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