"Enterprise Incident" Constitution Class



This strange and nicely done Constitution Class is actually from TOS season 3's "The Enterprise Incident" where Jim and crew captured a romulan cloaking device and used it on the Enterprise. This mod has the Constitution Class as a cloakable ship and as a bonus doesn't replace the original ingame model.



Name: Enterprise Incident Constitution Class Mod
Author: Dauntless_Venerator2
Version: 1.0 Beta Release 1
Note: Mod tested and working

Important Notes: 

1. It will not or may not work with multiplayer since I have not tested this 
in multiplayer yet but it works in skirmish.

2. Make a backup copy of the following folder before using this mod:

"C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy\odf"

(The odf folder located in your Star Trek Legacy game directory must be backed up)

Installation Instructions:

You may follow one of the basic instructions below or yours.

1. Extract or Unzip into your main game directory (eg. C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy).


2. Extract or Unzip into a temporary folder and then copy the folders and paste into main game directory 
(eg. C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy).

About this mod:

This mod adds this ship to the TOS era and will not replace 
the current Constitution class starship.

The textures of this ship mod uses the textures of the current 
Constitution class in the game. It will use the Constitution 
class textures in the game. Whatever retexture mods 
installed for the NX class will also affect the 
textures of this ship mod.  


Based on the Star Trek The Original Series season 3 episode, "The Enterprise Incident" where
the Enterprise captured a romulan cloaking device and attempted to integrate it into the 
ship and worked perfectly. The Enterprise Incident is also where Jim (James Tiberius Kirk)
had facial surgery to make his face looked like a romulan with pointy ears and those nice

This ship mod enables the Constitution class to have a cloaking device but does not
modify the original ship in the game.  Instead, it is a separate ship.  

Recommended retextures of the NX class in the game:

Mark/Ignis and Moonraker's Multi-era high res fed registrey pack (high/normal)


Have a happy xmas to you all!


Thank you.

Special Thanks to:

Many thanks to Bill Simpson and Mark (aka Ignis) for their NX-01
retexture mods.

Many thanks to Mark/Ignis and Moonraker's Multi-era high res 
fed registrey pack (high/normal)

Many thanks to Rogue Vulcan for his Excelsior Class - Lakota Refit 
ship mod.

Many thanks to 1/9AirCav for his excellent Terran Retexture for 
the NX class.

LegacyFiles for everything.

Legal Stuff:

Star Trek and all related materials are the property of Paramount.

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