Excalibur Class - Refit



Following on from the recently added Excalibur class from New Gen, we have the Refitted version of the ship which does not disappoint one bit.

Personally, I feel darker toned hulls are better which is why I prefer the refit over the original among a few other changes. The Plasma Grills around the Impulse engines are also different. The Bussards and Deflector are also changed to give the impression of an external refit too. The ship itself is much stronger with better shields, hull weapon recharge and mostly importantly for you combat-freaks - several new pulse phaser weapon placements along the port side, starboard and aft of the vessel backed up with a heavier torpedo load to bust a few Cardassian spoonheads.

Great work, this is a definite download!!!!




Excalibur class Refit 1.0
Nickname: New Gen Mod Team, yopyop
Email: yopyopATnewgen.stlegacyfiles.com
Homepage: newgen.stlegacyfiles.com | newgenmodteam.com
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Trek Battles 2 (http://legacy.filefront.com/file/;85278)
Mod Category: Downloads>>Ships>>TNG era>>Federation


This is the Excalibur class Refit with the following features/changes:


Copy the content of the folder Star Trek Legacy in your Trek Battles 2 directory!


Please use our forum (http://newgen.stlegacyfiles.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30) for support.


Model/Texture: LC_Amaral (a.k.a. Legacy)
Additional Textures: yopyop
re-Hardpointing: yopyop
Smoothing: yopyop
fixed smoothing: yopyop
orignal Port: yopyop

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